How Lifting Magnet works

Lifting magnet is a kind of machine which could carry or handle heavy or light industrial products (metal wastes) which are made of steel. The most important component of the lifting magnet is the acetabulum which is made of iron. In the condition of supplying by electric power, the iron acetabulum will catch metal wastes, and carry them to the designated place people wanted. But in the condition of no power, the lifting magnet is no longer has the ability with magnet, and the metal wastes will be put down. Obviously it is convenient to for workers to carry heavy metal things, but it requires the power of electric. And it is widely using for some places where recycling waste iron and steel products, where smelting iron and steel and so on. Lifting magnet has a kind of strong force of magnetic, dozens of tons of iron, iron wire, iron and other metal, it could easily collect and transport them without packing and binding. It is not only saving labors, but simple to operate.
The basic working principle of the lifting magnet is the electromagnetic conversion. The formation of electric field is based on the electric current. And the formation of magnetic field is based on the formation of the electric. Taking advantage of the magnetic field, we make the metal things carried. Next I will introduce some features of electromagnet which is the most important component of the lifting magnet.
The number one is that the more numbers of turns of the coil, the stronger force the electromagnet has. The number two is that magnetic pole could be changed each other. The number three is that the more electric, the stronger force the electromagnet has.
There are many advantages of electromagnet, such as we could control the switch state of the electromagnet to make it work or not; we could change the numbers of the coil to make the electric stronger or weaker; we could change the resistance to make the magnet field stronger or weaker as well; We could change its magnetic pole each other to control the direction of electric current and so on.
Electric makes the magnet formed, and the machine work by the power of magnet. It is the energy conversion indirectly from the electric to kinetic energy.
Magnet is made from iron, cobalt, nickel. Their atoms are special, because the atom itself has a magnetic moment. Generally, the arrangement of these mineral molecules is very confused. But their magnet field do not show the magnetism and they influence each other, but in the external forces (such as the magnetic field), their orientation tend to the same, the magnetic properties will be displayed, which are usually called magnet. The iron with current is called soft magnet, the acetabulum of the lifting magnet is a kind of soft magnet.
The magnet is not only used in the industrial production, but also widely used in other areas, such as the field of astronomy and medicine. We do believe that the utilization of magnet will have a very bright future.

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