How many calories are in coffee?

Coffee is one of the substances most consumed today. They say it has the ability to wake up and provide extra energy … although, according to experts, have not yet been shown to be so. We really have to recognize one thing, but we do not like coffee, its characteristic smell is able to fully awaken but not queries.

In addition, a good hot coffee helps us warm in the cold winter.

Actually we can find different types of coffee, each with the different composition so vary a number of calories it contains.

To find out the calorie coffee we will be based on the classic, the standard without going into special types.

Coffee Calories really have

What I am about to write is good news for all those coffee lovers but who care line. This substance really just have calories (2kcal) so we can take without problems.

However, we must bear in mind that coffee is not normally asking only, accustomed to putting some elements to analyze its taste. To understand the total calories, it is convenient to analyze them separately.



A teaspoon of sugar has about 20.5 Kcal. This is an aspect that we have to regulate our diet. If we put 2 tablespoons 3 or more have to bear in mind that this number will multiply by that number. In addition, we also have to multiply again by the number of coffees that we take in a day.

Therefore, it is very harmful to sugar diets to lose weight.


Milk also has some calories so it is important to take them into account when calculating the heat quantity of coffee. To do this, we must identify three types of basic milk.

Whole milk: It has up to 58 calories per 100cc

Semi-skimmed milk: It is very special because it has fewer calories than whole (46) and does not lose much flavor as skimmed.

Skimmed milk: pretty but the taste is lost 32 calories per 100 ccs is achieved.


Now we have to add all those calories when you have the final result. Therefore, it is very important to control everything that is put to a cafe. We do not always have too much and overdo the calories that enter our body under control.