How Many Ways Can You Write Online?

I think that most people look at writing online as a means to work with their creative minds. They come to a writing site for various reasons and want to share, or show off their writing to the world. This is not a bad thing in and of itself. Writer want to show others, and in theory of course be critiqued so that they can improve upon what they have to offer.

We also want to publish useful and fun information. It simply will not do for a writer not to write about their experiences of writing and publishing to others. One of the great ways to do this is when you write online. It is a great way to share and to learn. You can have some feedback, and you can find new ways and reasons for writing online.

How many ways can you write online? I think that is the hardest question of them all. I write to learn. I would love to improve my writing, and the online writing community is a great way to do this. Here are a few ways you can write online:

1) Your own website or blog: This is a must have at some point in your writing career. You will not need to know much about keyword research or SEO or traffic. What you do need to know about, and learn about is writing and how to improve on this so that when you publish your writing online, you will have comments and people who feel the need to comment. A blog– at least the content of this blog,- no matter what you do is a full time job.

2) Online writing sites: There are many of them out there. The point is that if you write well, and are willing to learn there is a good chance that you will be able to write on hundreds of topics and get natural and interested readers. Many of them will comment and some will even make suggestions. This is the beauty of this new information age– you can share information to others, and learn from others.

3) Write for money: This is something that is vital to writing and publishing in general. If you write, then you edit and publish you will need to make money to continue to write and publish. This is true if you write on a pay-per-article site or even if you write using a revenue sharing site. You need to live.

4) Sharing information: This does not mean you that simply do what you to do get people’s attention, but rather do the writing you do to share information you know or have learned in the last while. This is a great way to improve on yourself as both a writer and an author.