How Monoclonal Antibody Drugs Are Used For Cancer Treatments

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Cancer is defined as a malignant neoplasm where the cells grow out of control then they may move onto other tissues and they then may spread or metastasize by flowing through the blood or through the lymph system. In science it is not really possible for someone to pinpoint exactly what caused a specific cancer but there are many associated causes that are believed to cause specific forms of cancer. For example smoking has been proved to contribute to cancer of the lungs and this includes second hand smoke. There are many forms of cancer and there are also different forms of treatment for cancer including a fairly new one called monoclonal antibodies or mAb which are different from polyclonal antibodies. These are laboratory produced molecules.

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Antibodies As Treatments

Monoclonal antibodies, or anticuerpos monoclonales in Spanish, are produced in a laboratory and are substances that can locate and bind to cancer cells in the body. Monoclonal antibodies are often used in cancer detection or therapy. Each monoclonal antibodyrecognizes a different protein on certain cancer cells. A Polyclonal antibody is an antibody that is produced by more than one type of B-cell. It is produced in a laboratory. They are one of the not very well known of the types of immunosuppressive drugs that inhibit activity of the immune system. They are used to prevent possible rejection of transplanted organs and tissues like bone marrow or a liver for example. Both of these antibodies are still undergoing extensive study as they are fairly new in scientific knowledge.

Cancer Treatments

There are various forms of cancer treatments such as what is referred to as the primary treatment which is usually the initial or first treatment plans. This initial treatment includes chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. The treatments may be single or combined. After the primary treatment a person then will receive what is often referred to as adjuvant therapy which is treatment given to mainly maintain or to improve the disease overall and for a treatment for disease specific survival. Monoclonal antibodies were originally used in advanced cases where other treatments didn’t work. It has some success there and since is being used earlier in the cancer treatment process. The polyclonal antibody may be more efficient than monoclonal antibodies at mediating an organ for destruction.

Monoclonal Antibodies

Monoclonal antibodies and the polyclonal antibody, or anticuerpo policlonales in Spanish, are made in a laboratory from animal cells. Discussing with your doctor and deciding to use monoclonal antibodies as a part of your cancer treatment may be very expensive and not covered by medical coverage mostly because it is still undergoing clinical trials. However, you may be able to join one of the clinical trials if this is your choice.

Cancer Prevention

There are no absolutes in cancer prevention however there are some actions you can take to help prevent cancer from forming in the body. One example is to not smoke or prevent skin cancer stay out of the direct sun. Laboratory produces molecules like Monoclonal antibodies and a polyclonal antibody may play a larger role in the future.

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How Monoclonal Antibody Drugs Are Used For Cancer Treatments, Seekyt
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