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How Much Can You Make Writing Articles For Money

Writing articles online can be a great way of generating a steady additional revenue stream or even a full time job for some. However, it is not realistic to expect to earn a full time income just by writing articles for revenue sharing or upfront paying sites, unless you are willing to work over 12 hours a day writing article after article on the most random subjects. Let’s take a look at how much could you make writing articles for money.

Upfront Paying Sites
If you are an online writer starting a home business, upfront article writing sites such as Demand Studios or The Content Authority can be a welcome source of income until the first client gigs start to come in or to add to your online writing portfolio. The rates per article at Demand Studios, for example, are usually between $15 and $30 per article written and accepted, so technically you could make a living wage if you manage to write around 10 articles per day. Keep in mind that most of those articles will require some research, if only to be able to cite some websites as a reference and make sure your facts are correct.

And here comes the problem. If you are writing for money on upfront paying sites you will need to learn how to choose titles that you can research and write as quickly as possible in order to increase your hourly rate to make enough to pay the rent and eat without working 10 hours per day. Realistically, no writing site is going to have a steady supply of titles that you can write to, specially if you factor in other writers doing exactly the same as you and cherrypicking the assignments they want to work in. This is the main reason why professional freelancers often use those sites only as a filler between private projects with higher rates per hour, or at least work for several upfront paying websites at the same time.

Revenue Sharing Websites
Revenue sharing websites allow you to publish your content and give you a percentage of the ad revenue generated by your articles. Some sites such as Seekyt, Infobarrel or Hubpages let you use your own Google AdSense code, while others such as Suite101 calculate your earnings using some undisclosed algorithm. Many freelancer writers started up writing for revenue sharing websites to create a portfolio and because it was fun, until they felt ready to do the jump to full time freelancing.

The earnings from a revenue sharing website will depend on the style of articles you write, how good you are at researching keywords and other SEO techniques and the revenue share agreement and editorial guidelines of each particular website. For example, if you are allowed to include affiliate links you could make significantly more than if you are limited to being paid per visits to your content. Revenue sharing websites are great to build links to your monetized blogs or business website, and to a lesser extend to make some money if you enjoy writing on a wide variety of topics and don’t want to create niche sites for each of them, or even as a way to network with other writers.

While in theory the sky is the limit, it’s really difficult to make a living off writing articles exclusively for upfront payments and revenue sharing websites without working extremely long hours. If you want to make a career out of freelance writing you would be better off employing your time on building a solid writing portfolio and finding private clients willing to pay the right rates, and using upfront paying sites to earn some extra income when you aren’t busy working for them.

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