How Much Do Movers Cost

Before you take on the trouble of managing the logistics of your own relocation, ask yourself how much do movers cost? The answer and options might surprise you as there are some important considerations that could set you back, financially. To get started with your move, you’ll want to create a moving checklist. This guide will help you stay organized and minimize your cost, frustration or both when weighing the options of doing it yourself or the benefits of hiring professional movers.

How Much Do Movers Cost Versus Doing it All Yourself?

The big issues when factoring how much do movers cost involve your own comfort level with the pain of time required to manage your move, and the logistics of securing transportation, organization and packing, not to mention the backbreaking work of lugging your furniture around.

The Key Issues that Drive Up Moving Costs

How Much Do You Have to Move?

Moving services often calculate one of the key components of your moving costs by how many items need to be moved, and the complexity or trouble in moving those items. A bed, for example, must often be disassembled and then reassembled in the new home.

Professional movers typically charge about $100 per 100 lbs and an additional $2,000 for packing and insurance on a typical three bedroom home. You can see that your costs can increase quickly.

Will You Pack and Prep Your Own Items?

It takes expertise to know how to pack dishes, computer screens, and furniture. When you do it yourself, you need the materials for packing and wrapping all of your items and the experience in how to do it efficiently. If you’ve ever tried to complete what you thought was a simple task without the right tool or the know-how to complete it, then you understand the level of frustration, not to mention the amount of additional time that a chore takes, to figure it all out on your own.

In many cases, movers will calculate costs based on any of the following factors: the size of your home, the number of items and boxes and surcharges for the extra care and expertise in packing and configuring your move.

How Far will you be Moving?

Distance is the next factor in calculating how much do movers cost? There’s a tremendous difference between a local move and a move across the state, or the country. A local move could be as low as $250 to $500, and a move to another state could be $5,000 or more. The benefit of hiring professional movers is utilizing their resources and expertise, taking the pain away from you completely.

Ways to Keep Your Moving Costs Low

Purge your home and your life of the things that you can do without and you don’t want to pay to move across the country. Consider the size and lifestyle that you’ll want in your new home and let go of the non-essential items.

Here’s a Pro Tip: Packing is expensive, sometimes adding a few laborers from Craigslist to help you get supplies and pack could save you thousands.

Get straight about your A & B options. Get quotes from several moving companies and ask them to quote your move in two ways: 1 with them wrapping and packing your items and 2 with you doing the organizational part yourself. Include insurance, which can be an additional $200, to protect your valuables from damage.

Don’t forget to ask the moving company if there will be any additional costs when your movers show up at your home and what kinds of deposits are required.

A reputable moving company will allow you to pay with a credit card, which provides additional protection.

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