How much does a lie detector test cost

Wanted to know how much does a lie detector test cost?

Actually a lie detector test will cost you not more than $500 in any country. Remember there are very advanced lie detector techniques and equipment which relatively costs you more.

So what is lie detector? how accurate it would be?

The so-called lie detector truth machine or polygraph is a particular type of measuring instrument used to record responses physiological . Records changes in blood pressure , the heart rate , the respiratory rate and galvanic skin response or conductance of the skin , which are generated to certain questions that are the subject tested. It also has the ability to measure parameters such as the motion of the respondent, in order to avoid possible countermeasures during interrogation.
It is considered that it was invented in 1938 by Leonard Keeler, the Police Department Berkeley ( California ), who created the first three-channel polygraph results printed on paper.
This type of polygraph is commonly known for its use as a lie detector, being validated as a tool judiciary in countries like USA, Canada, England, Holland, Russia, Belgium, Israel, Japan, Australia, among others. Although enjoying little credibility among scientists, advocates say their confidence level between 80 and 95%, being tied to the interrogation technique used, now its available on some private firms which available on costs

Polygraph advocates say the biochemical substrate of emotions is directly correlated with body reactivity, that the linearity stimulus emotion ? ? ? thinking ? adequacy anatomophysiological answer is a cycle that occurs unalterably on any human behavioral process, that is possible to measure bodily reactions emotions, and that for each emotional state, there is a well-defined spectrum psychophysiological activity linked to the emotive subject.
The operating principle is that the mismatch of the contents of data output and its correlation with alternating in their thoughts cause emotional evocation of the constant variation organic. The measures of this dissonance, are valued at the polygraph tests. It is clear that the conceptualization of lie is different for each subject and basal levels are individual and different but the emotional tension that causes one’s knowledge of the truth changes ostensibly organic progression of a person who cheats on a specific aspect. Consider, therefore, notorious as indicators of inconsistency of thought, to assess the conceptual inaccuracy caused emotions to a specific topic and activation of neurotransmitters modify complex organic constants. It is impossible to know what you think the person, but believe they can measure the body’s reaction shows that a subject upon presentation of a topic. Forensic evidence on polygraph test, then, would be the measure of the corresponding physiological response compared events in memory of the subject and the issuance of specific responses.

How much does a lie detector test cost

The polygraph has its wider use in the intelligence agencies and police , especially in the United States and other countries in its area of influence , which has been used to determine whether a person is lying or not. In this case rests on the assumption that a person’s physiological responses measurably change when lying.
In Europe is primarily used in the allocation of some jobs to private companies and some security agencies, but also used in the courts in countries like Holland, Belgium and the UK. In Spain it has been used as evidence in court on several occasions but always as an exception. In Holland it is used as a routine method of monitoring sex offenders, once they have completed their sentences. In the United States and Canada are used routinely at the judicial level, the conditions for joining the APA (American Polygraph Association) require a higher academic education, formal training in recognized educational institutions, among other requirements (such as no criminal record ).
It should be noted that the polygraph is not an instrument to detect lies by itself, although the new digital units performed an evaluation of the examination on its own, with high rates of reliability. In any case, the final evaluation is the responsibility of polygraph technician.
There is a critical current that is being developed primarily through the Internet against the use of polygraph in detecting lies, basing his ideas on studies that contradict the agencies cited by proponents of this technique. They deny the scientific validity of the technique and show ways to pass the exam. Although there are cases of people who have managed to lie without being detected by the polygraph (see, for example, cases of spies in the review section) this is not necessarily easy, as shown in the chapter on Mythbusters the Discovery Channel .

The new digital polygraphs are currently used by government agencies like the U.S. Secret Service, FBI , CIA , DEA , local police, prosecutors and so on., as well as private research cabinets.