How Much Does Duct Cleaning Cost? – Find Out What A Good Price Is So You Don't Get Overcharged

When it comes to necessary household chores that need to be done by a professional, one of the leading questions is about how much does duct cleaning cost? After all, the average home owner doesn’t have the necessary equipment, HVAC experience, or even the want or desire to go crawling around in a crawlspace or an attic to clean out the ducts. However, to prevent allergies, asthma incidents, and other health issues, a regular cleaning has to be done.

Should I Even Have My Ducts Cleaned?

Indoor pollution is simply becoming a greater problem in every home and business. Foreign materials are continuously tracked into our buildings, gets taken up into the air, and then filtered through the heating and cooling system. Look up at the vents the next time you step into a building – if you see dirt, dust, and grime up there, not only does the building or home need to be cleaned better, but that the ducts need to be cleaned as well. So when considering how much does duct cleaning cost, keep in mind that the cost is less than the cost of having poor health by skipping this task.

Can’t I Clean My Ducts Myself?

When it comes to considering how much does duct cleaning cost, many homeowners decide that they can skip the cost of hiring a professional by doing it themselves. However, the do it yourself method for most homeowners ends up being a vacuum cleaner that stretches into the duct just part way, so the entry points look clean, but the main ducting is still dirty. By doing this, not only have you wasted time and energy, but you’ve also wasted your money on the vacuum.

So What Do Duct Cleaners Do?

Professional duct cleaners clean out your entire air filtration system. They remove dust particles from your interior ducts and any other foreign debris. They clean out your filters and insure that you are breathing clean air consistently. Many times this takes specialized equipment that lets the duct cleaners get deep into your home’s or businesses’ air circulation system that is simply not available to the average home or business owner. So when considering how much does duct cleaning cost, unless you have HVAC certification, it’s best to simply pay a professional to get the yuck out of your ducts.

Ok – So How Much Does Duct Cleaning Cost?

The typical duct cleaning session costs around $250 as a starting point for smaller homes. If you have a larger home, the starting cost is generally around $450. Sometimes, depending on your location, this cost can be $1,000 or more. That’s why many homeowners, when confronted with how much does duct cleaning cost, simply decide to attempt to it themselves. After all, if quoted a price tag of $1,000, a homeowner can buy a new hot water heater these days.

So when considering how much does duct cleaning cost, keep in mind that the cost of getting those ducts cleaned is much less than the cost of the health problems you could be experiencing if you choose to ignore cleaning them.