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How much does newspaper advertising costs? – my own experience

My spending experience on newspaper advertising costs

Its traditional to advertise in news papers, news papers usually has considerable amount of audience in packet which cannot be reachable by TV or online media. Unless TV and web media, news paper advertisements last forever, that is the advertisement given in the local news paper can be viewable or even generate leads after year or so.
Advertising on newspapers and the costs
Comparing to online and TV media advertising news papers relatively costs you low, further more below options are available
1. Selecting specific geo locations (like one city or district)
2. Size of the Ad which matters lot
3. Page of the Ad (its depends cost, mostly newspapers cost you more if you advertise on front page)
4. Even you can reach much narrowed audience in classified ads.
Cost that matters lot
1. The New York Times
New York Times is the leading newspaper in US. The New York Times was founded on September 18 of 1851 by Henry Jarvis Raymond and George Jones . Raymond was also founding director of the AP in 1856 . Adolph Ochs bought the Times in 1896 and under his direction, became internationally renowned. In 1897 he devised the motto of the newspaper, ‘All The News That’s Fit To Print’ (‘All the news unfit for publication ‘), which is often interpreted as an attack on their competitors Yorkers (the New York World and the New York Journal America ) known for its sensationalism . After the newspaper’s headquarters moved to a new tower on 42nd Street, the area was renamed Times Square in 1904 . Nine years later, the Times opened an annex at 229 43rd Street, its current headquarters, finally selling Times Tower in 1961 .
The Times originally published every morning except Sunday. Later, during the Civil War , the Times began publishing Sunday editions. He won his first Pulitzer for stories and articles about the First World War in 1918 . In 1919 he made his first trans-Atlantic delivery to London .
The crossword began appearing in 1942 as a section, and the newspaper bought classical station WQXR in the same year. The fashion section was added in 1946 . The Times also started an international edition in 1946, but stopped publishing in 1967 . He joined the owners of the New York Herald Tribune and the Washington Post to publish the International Herald Tribune in Paris . The Section Op-Ed began appearing in 1970 . In 1996 , the New York Times created its website. Readers around the world would have thus access to the paper ( www.nytimes.com ). The new headquarters for the newspaper, a skyscraper designed by Renzo Piano , is at the intersection of 41st Street and Eighth Avenue in Manhattan and was opened in late 2007.
Cost on one day 250 square Ad : $100 to $250
More details on cost & advertising on NYTimes newspaper:
2. Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times (also known as LA Times) is a newspaper of daily circulation published in Los Angeles , United States and distributed in the western states of this country, owned by Tribune Company . With a circulation of 843,432 readers per day by September 2005 , is the second largest metropolitan newspaper in the United States after The New York Times .
Throughout its history has won 37 Pulitzer Prizes , and according to the World Almanac 2007 , is the third most widely read newspaper published in the United States .
Cost : on 1 day auction – $250 – $400
More advertising cost details: http://www.latimes.com/advertiser/
3. Washington posts
The Washington Post is the oldest and largest newspaper in Washington, DC , the capital of the United States . He won world fame in the early 70s for his investigation into the Watergate , led by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein , who played an important role in the downfall of Richard Nixon as president. It is generally considered one of the best American newspapers, along with the New York Times , known for its overall reporting and international coverage, and the Wall Street Journal , famous for its financial reporting. The Post has stood out for his coverage of the White House , the Congress , and other aspects of American government.
Moreover, unlike the Times and the Journal, the Post sees himself as a strictly regional newspaper, and printed a national edition for distribution beyond the East Coast of the United States . Most of your readers are the District of Columbia , along with the wealthy suburbs of Maryland and Virginia .
For September of 2004 , its average daily circulation was 707,690 and Sunday circulation was 1,077,487, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations, making it the fifth largest newspaper in the country by circulation, behind the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times The Wall Street Journal and USA Today . While its circulation (like that of all the newspapers) has been in slow decline, has rates higher market penetration of all metropolitan newspapers.
Cost: Advertising cost in this news papers changing over time to time
More advertising cost details: http://www.washingtonpostads.com/rates/

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