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How Much is a Washer and Dryer? The Real Story


If you are asking yourself the question ‘How much is a washer and dryer?’, it can only mean one of two things. You either are happy to be shopping for a new washer and new dryer or you are not happy about it at all. Either way, here is what you really need to know before you make any purchase. Be sure you know about these costs so that you can compare prices properly.

When you shop for a replacement washer and dryer, the price you see on the tag is not the total cost in most cases. Because of this, comparing one store to another online or in an advertisement is difficult to do. Here are the things you need to ask about to truly compare the price.


Some stores have a delivery chart and some don’t. The delivery charge is typically either nothing (free!) or up to $50 – $100. Buyers further away from a retail store are the most likely to pay this fee, so if pickup is an option for you it is a way to save some money.


Can you believe they sell a new clothes dryer without a cord? Well, they do. This is because there are different kinds of outlets, so the installer does not know which you will want. Of course, the could include that in the prices buy many stores don’t, so make sure you know the cost of this additional clothes dryer expense.


If you have a broken washer and dryer that you need taken away once you get your new ones, the store may charge a recycling fee. Like the delivery charge, some stores charge it and some don’t. Ask about this ahead of time so they are prepared to take your old machines, unless you want an old appliance in your yard or basement for years.


Many installers will use your current venting, but they may scoff at your current setup if it is old or cheap and require you to buy a venting package for your new clothes dryer to maintain your warranty. That is an additional cost that you need to know about in advance.


If you are replacing a broken washing machine with a new one, expect to be asked if you want new hoses. Like the venting for a dryer, new hoses may be part of the deal to maintain your warranty if your current hoses are too old. You should at least know the cost in case you need to go this route.


The standard warranty on replacement washers and dryers is around one year, but it is limited. If you want full coverage you may want to add on the extended warranty with the store you buy the appliances from. Those prices and terms vary so do your comparison before you buy to get the best value.

Price Guarantee

Some stores will offer a price guarantee for 30 or 60 days or more, meaning if they reduce the price of a new washer or dryer in that time, you can request the difference back. That’s a great deal that may mean nothing to you or it may mean money back in your pocket. This is at least an important thing to understand before you pick the store you will purchase from.

Adding It All Up

As you can see, there are several potential costs that may be added to your new washer and dryer purchase. The range of all of the items can make what at first seemed like comparable prices between two stores a mile apart. Do your homework first before you get lured into this week’s sale that ends soon. Once you add it all up, that sale price may not be the best deal.

If you take all of these things into account you will truly know the real story behind the question ‘How much is a washer and dryer?’

How Much is a Washer and Dryer? The Real Story
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