How Much Money Can You Make Selling Sperm – Make Over 1000 Dollars Per Month – Strategies For Income

From time to time we all need some extra cash to make ends meet, if you’re fit and healthy and want to make some extra cash then you need to ask how much money can you make selling sperm? I know many athletes and student athletes who donate regularly to make a good income on the side. There is a lot of demand for sperm donors and knowing how much money you can make selling sperm is a great incentive to start donating. If you think that you have a good enough sperm sample as well as a high sperm count which maximises chances of pregnancy then you should give it a go! You might be surprised by how much money you could make.

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Sperm: Expectation

Think about it, if you were a women looking for a sperm donor then who would you want a sample from? Everyone can give a sample however the best sperm samples are from those who are highly educated and have good level of IQ, your looks also determine how much money you can make so if you’re tall, dark and handsome with blonde hair and blue eyes then chances are you will get paid handsomely. The average pay for a sample from an average educated man with a satisfactory physique can expect to get about $50 to $60 per sample, however if you are super educated and a super alpha male then you can demand up to $200 per sample.

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Sperm: Strategy

If you feel that you are in the category of the average man or above then before you start heading to the clinic take some time to think about strategy and how you could maximise this income opportunity. You could try heading to the gym 3 months prior to giving out samples, you could also improve your diet and stop smoking and drinking. The clinic will take a sample and screen it for the first time so if your test reveals good health then there is a good chance or making more.

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Sperm: Maximise Your Income

Make a list of all the sperm donor clinics that are available and make enquiries about how much they pay, depending on where you live you could find up to 5 clinics in a small city. If you can donate once a week to these clinics and receive $100 per donation then you can expect to make $2000 per month. If you feel that you can produce more then there is no reason why you can’t commute to other locations and donate more. The key is knowing how much money you can make selling sperm at each individual clinics and finding the frequency they are willing to accept. To maximise profit you would donate to the highest paying highest frequency clinic. If you can find enough clinics and are willing to travel then there is no reason why you can’t donate twice a day. By donating sperm twice a day you would be able to make $6000 per month, with a little organisation and hard work you could make a lot of money.

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Sperm: Alternatives

If you feel that you can’t donate sperm for whatever reason then there are other ways that people make money donating. One popular way to make some extra cash is to donate blood and plasma, although you won’t be able to give blood as frequently as giving sperm you can still make a tidy income on the side. Again the important thing to realise is you need to get in shape and have a good diet before you start giving out samples.

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Sperm: Real Life Stories

I have heard stories where some men have made fortunes selling sperm; one guy was even able to save enough money from selling sperm to permanently retire on his savings. Giving sperm can be financially rewarding and you can rest assured that you are helping someone with your donations. Take a moment to think about the implications of giving sperm samples and how you feel knowing that there may be hundreds of babies that your responsible for.