How much protein my body can absorb in one meal?

The answer depends on your story. It is well researched and documented that Your body adapts to the intake. The World Health Organization has studies the protein intake of more than a century old times.

It takes your body several days to adapt to an intake. The idea that we need to limit the intake for each meal is not correct. If you’re used to consume 20 grams and suddenly consume 200 grams, then chances are you’re serious about eating too much. However, if you constantly consumed 200 grams in one sitting, your body can adapt and start using it.

I’m not suggesting you eat a lot, is just one example.

Protein intake is overestimated and overvalued, especially in an attempt to sell protein shakes, , supplements and bars, etc. All supplements are generally used by bodybuilders. Many people that if you are trained like a bodybuilder you get muscles, and that’s not true. Unless you’re racing or really know the basics of bodybuilding or you are under the wing of an experienced coach, probably not justified protein intake as high for the type and level of body you have today.

If you consume large amounts of protein, your body will become less efficient in process and will use it for energy. If you consume small amounts of protein at every meal, your body will become extremely efficient in using and burn less energy, so it pays much more to eat small portions of protein with each meal.

Studies have also shown that keep calories the same and increase the calories from protein, or increase the calories in general, even those that come from carbohydrates, both can contribute to gaining muscle mass and improve the breakdown of protein for efficient use.

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