How Much Savings on Scratch and Dent Appliances

Have your say; Scratch and Dent Appliances, Worth Buying?

I think there is nothing wrong with saving some extra money to purchase a scratch and dent appliance. In an economy that is tough even if I had money to pay for whatever I wanted without worries I would still purchase a scratch and dent. It is pointless to pay an extra $100-$500 more for something that has a minor flaw that most people would not recognize even the original buyer after a few days or even weeks in the home. There is typically nothing wrong other than a blemish, no one’s perfect on the outside, why should an appliance have to be perfect? – Miami

Scratch and dent home appliances provide customers with the option to purchase slightly damaged products at a substantical savings. I purchased a four burner electric range and oven from a major US Home Improvement store as it had a damaged handle. Due to this damaged handle I was able to save FIFTY PERCENT (50%) or approximately three hundred dollars ($300). I was then able to purchase a new handle from the manufacture at thirty dollars ($30) after shipping which allowed me to save TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY DOLLARS ($270) on my range! WHAT A DEAL!!!!! – Florida

It is not at all worthy to buy Scratch and Dent Home Appliances because they are used and they would die at any point of time. Since they are used you might have to keep repairing the products which is of no use. Scratch and Dent Home Appliances is a time waste because it would not work majority of the time and you have to take them to the service centers. You’ll also loose your money for repairing the products. I have bought so many Scratch and Dent Home Appliances and I have experienced many difficulties. So I request all of them to purchase new products. – New Jeysey

Scratch and dent appliances can be a worthwhile purchase. Before purchasing consider how extensive the damage. For example, if the dent damages the working parts, one would be wise to avoid the appliance. However, if the dent is superficial it should be considered. The next consideration is the location of the dent, and how this compares to its visibility when installed. If the dent is on the left side of a refridgerator, and the left side is exposed when installed, you might want to continue looking. However, if the dent is on the right side and would be hidden by cabinetry, this may be a wise choice. If the appliance is a washer or dryer, consider if the appliance is hidden away in a laundry room or basement. In which case, is the dent really an issue? If the appliance is going into a country style kitchen, the dent may not be acceptable. The final consideration is the price reduction. Has the dealer discounted the piece sufficiently based on the size and location of the dent? – New York

I feel that they are worth buying if you’re looking to save money while living on a tight budget. The products will work just the same as the perfect condition items but cost much less. Personally, I wouldn’t buy a scratch and dent appliance that would be located centrally in my home for all to see, but a washer, dryer etc located in a closet or basement would be perfectly fine. – Florida