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How Newsletter Printing Services can Rev Up Your Direct Marketing

Printed newsletters are a great way for businesses and other organizations to supplement their direct mail marketing. A typical newsletter is informational in nature and gives readers the latest events and happenings at your organization. They can be sent to your mailing list say once every quarter or twice a year. Unlike direct letters or envelopes, newsletters offer more space for your copy. So the articles can be detailed, such as information about new products and services. Let’s see how newsletters enhance your direct marketing:

Why Print Newsletters?

Print newsletters are holding their own in the era of email. Thanks to active email filtering, marketers can never be sure that their e-mails are viewed by the recipient. In comparison, surveys indicate that most adults aged between 30 to 50 years trust direct mail compared to other marketing methods like print and television advertising, internet and email. Newsletter articles need not be all about the latest on offer. Marketers can add articles about new events in the field in which the organization operates. You can engage with readers by inviting reader submissions and testimonials. Readers are more convinced about a product or service by testimonials from clients. Interviews can be conducted with prominent people running the organization or with experts on connected subjects. You can update readers about the charitable work done by the organization. As they are recurring publications, newsletters can be used to remind your readers about upcoming sales. You can also carry advertisements from other businesses for a fee if you have a wide readership. Newsletters can also be for internal consumption of employees of the organization.

Maximize Your Impact

The layout of the newsletter should be uncluttered, so that text remains easy to read. Images and graphics can be used alongside the text. Ensure that the design stays consistent with that of the other mail articles published by your organization. A consistent look and feel ensures a strong brand recall and mind space among readers. While avoiding overt sales pitches, it is okay to include a discount card or offer coupon code that readers can use. Surveys can be deployed to gauge user opinions about recent events. The organization’s contact details should be prominently displayed along with social media profiles. To prevent repetition of content, marketers can build up a repository of articles for the next few newsletters in advance. Engaging articles will delight the reader and leave him with a favorable impression.

Get More with Newsletter Printing Services

Marketers can use an online printing service to design, print and mail their newsletter to a pre submitted list. Such services have a set of design templates and marketers can build their newsletter around such templates. They can select the size and type of paper they would like to use. The costs involved are competitive as the printing service has economies of scale and marketers save a lot of the time and effort that would have gone into printing and mailing the newsletters themselves.

Newsletter marketing remains a resilient way for organizations to engage with their customers.

iti Direct Mail provides newsletter printing services and also printing of custom postcards, business cards, hand addressed envelopes, snap pack letters, brochures, booklets, catalogs etc., for real estate, insurance, mortgage agencies and nonprofit organizations. For more on using newsletters for marketing, visit Marketing-Schools.org.

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