How NOT to Choose Your Wedding Photographer

When you’re planning a wedding, the choice you’ll make that carries the longest impact is probably that of your photographer. After the cake’s been served and the last toast offered, your wedding photos will serve as tangible reminders of your big day. This makes it very important that you find just the right photographer for you. With that in mind, here are some ways NOT to choose your wedding photographer.

Busy is NOT Always Better

While experience is a big plus for a photographer, one that is shooting hundreds of weddings every year is probably delegating some of their responsibilities to associates and helpers. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but you should be aware of how the photographer handles the heavy workload. Also, make sure you’re able to check out the portfolio for the photographer that will actually be handling your wedding. Don’t let the numbers sway your judgement; busier is not always better when it comes to professional photography.

It’s NOT a Good Deal if You’re Unhappy

No matter how good a sale a photographer is running, if you’re not happy with the final product, then you didn’t get a good price. Professional photographers like those at Bluephoto wedding photography carry insurance, use high-end equipment and pay taxes; cut-rate photographers may be offering lower rates because their equipment is less than stellar, they don’t have insurance or they’re not licensed. Before you jump on a huge discount, make sure you know what you’re getting. It’s not a good deal if you end up hating your wedding photos.

Recommended Photographers May NOT Deserve the Hype

When a photographer is recommended by the venue or another vendor, there’s no reason to hire them without checking them out first. It is a little-known truth that some venues offer to recommend various vendors in return for a fee or a reciprocal recommendation from the vendor. Just because a photographer is on the “preferred vendors” list for your venue doesn’t mean they’re the best for the job. Take the time to really examine the recommendations from your venue or other vendors. Word-of-mouth may not be the most reliable way to find the right photographer for your wedding.

Wedding Photographers are NOT Just Photographers

While your cousin may take absolutely gorgeous landscape shots, or your aunt takes the most amazing shots of sleeping infants, wedding photography is a whole different enterprise. Lighting, pacing, posing and capturing the most unique shots of your special day requires knowledge that a hobbyist photographer may be lacking. If you end up with no pictures of your big day, even “free” is not a good price.

What NOT to Do

Your wedding is going to be amazing, but if you don’t have great wedding photos to show for it, you might not be the happiest of newlyweds. Few things break a bride’s heart like not having great wedding photos to remember her big day. Be careful when choosing a wedding photographer; it’s a big decision with a lasting impact.