How Not to Create a Web Page

Whether you are a Web Designer or the person giving instructions as to ‘what you want’ these errors make it near certainty that your page will not be read.

People do searches for information or respond to referrals and wind up on a page. They are not committed to that Page. Unlike a hard copy where you can skim and flick pages, and go to what you want, ignoring the rest, because it is all in your hand, a Web Page is all there is until you click on another page.

You only have one chance to make that ‘First’ impression and a page which has one of the problems listed below will make a very bad impression and be shut before the information is disseminated.

You may have vital information, but no one is going to see it.

Mistake One

POP UPs are the absolute ‘GO AWAY’. When one is loading a page and is prevented from seeing it because a Pop up is blocking their view they often close the window. Can’t be bothered.

Most Pop Ups demand a response from the vieweer to close it, easier to close the Window and move on.

Mistake Two

Many sites, to maximize advertising revenue break up a short article or a list in a number of pages. For example, ‘The Ten Best Foods To Eat’ migh have each food on a different page. One clicks on the articles, reads the first and has to click nine times to read the whole article. Anyone who actually does a study of such a site will find that after the 3rd of 4th click the reader closes the Window, leaves the site. Doesn’t come back.

Mistake Three

Over Advertisement. This is fatal. When a page is so butchered by Ads, especially those which follow the first paragraph, readers go elsewhere. Although the page gets a ‘hit’ the fact is, it doesn’t get a ‘view’ and more advertisers are becoming conscious of this. A reader who spends 3 seconds on a page is not reading. Nor is the one who spends 10 seconds. Advertisers are beginning to limit their pay for views to those who spend over 1 minute. hence it serves no purpose to create a site which gets no readers.

There are other errors, but these are Fatal