How Often Does YMCA Perform Drug Tests?

How Often Does YMCA Perform Drug Tests?

A common question nowadays is in regards to how often does YMCA perform drug tests. Be reminded that by understanding the mechanics behind drug testing then only would this question be significant. Thus, it is also imperative to know how drug testing works and how to free your body from any forms of drugs. Once you fully understand this concept, you will be able to completely meet the standards implied by Youth Men’s Christian Association (YMCA). With that being said here are the details you ought to know about drug testing and YMCA’s drug testing schedule.

What is drug testing?

Drug testing is the process of determining the absence or presence of specific drugs or metabolites in your body. Once the drug is already metabolized inside the body, metabolites are formed. These metabolites can stay in your systems for days or even months. Some commonly detected drugs are steroids, barbiturates, cannabis, cocaine and heroin.

As of today, the most commonly used drug screening is by examining urine contents. Typically, assays are conducted to screen regulated drugs such as cannabis, barbiturates, cocaine and many more. Basically, metabolites of these drugs can stay in your system for days. Cannabis for example would remain in your system for 30 to 90 days. However if the drug screening used is blood testing, positive result will only be detected within 2 to 3 days for seldom users or 2 weeks for heavy users.

How to decrease drug concentrations in your body?

It is a common belief that to decrease drug concentration in your body, increase fluid intake is imperative which is actually scientifically proven. By drinking water, you increase to dilute the substance and increase elimination.

Be reminded that the elimination process such as urination and defecation is your body’s way of removing toxins. You don’t have to try various detoxifying remedies. Just increase your water consumption and allow your body to detoxify. You should also be aware of how often does YMCA perform drug tests. Plus detoxifying process will only be successful if you discontinue drug intake. This is the only possible way to pass every random drug testing.

YMCA drug testing

Basically YMCA conducts drug testing in a random manner. Meaning there is no schedule allotted for such activity. They also apply strict supervision during urine collection. Thus, allowing you no time to flush the drugs out of your system or submit another urine sample.

Out of the 100% positive result obtained, 90% of which are drug users. There are some instances that false-positive can be acquired. This is primarily because some prescription drugs may alter the results. The remaining 10% falls under this category. For those who have illnesses and regulated drugs are prescribed, having a positive result is not a major issue. As long as you can prove that those are prescribed by a licensed physician.


Most of the time YMCA conducts drug testing if there is a suspicion of drug use. They will not inform you this to obtain accurate results. The best way for you to pass their requirements is to practice a drug free life. Even if information regarding the topic “how often does YMCA perform drug tests” is widely disseminated, chances of random drug testing is still high.