How Parents should Deal with Obesity in Children

Importance of Preventing Obesity

Tips in Guiding Children

One can hear from the news in television that more and more American children are getting obese each year. The consumer culture and poor eating habits are the culprits in this phenomenon. This present generation of children lives in a different lifestyle which causes them to be fatter. They would often eat “junk foods”, french fries, burgers, and shakes. There is so much calories in these kind of foods that make them gain excessive weight. One can see them eating all the time. Children have no discipline when it comes to eating and doing what they want. They would eat even when they are not hungry. If they are not eating they are just resting their bodies by sitting or sleeping.

Parents must find ways to deal with these kind of problems because obesity can cause health related problems in the future. While a few children become obese because of their genes, majority of children become fat because of their own responsibility. Obesity at an early age can lead to heart diseases, diabetes, and cancer. Moreover, these health problems can cost a lot of money if they are not prevented at its early stage.

Discipline is key

Parents should impart to their children the value of discipline. They should learn when to say “no” to their children when they insist on getting what they want. They should also order their children to sleep 8 hours a day. Children who sleep late at night tend to eat some midnight snack which their resting body no longer needs. Parents should control their children’s urges, and not to be easily swayed by their frequent cries.

Eat more Fruits and Vegetables to have a Balanced Diet

Enough of those red meats and junk foods. Fruits and vegetables can lead to good metabolism in the children’s body, and is nutritious too. Drinking lots of water instead of soft drinks and sodas is more beneficial to the human body as well. Parents who prepare meals rich in fats and sugar at home are doing their children a great disservice because it forms bad eating habits. How can the parents teach their children the proper diet if they themselves don’t practice it.

Prepare more meals at Home

Once children leave home, they are prone to the temptations of eating fast foods and sweet sodas. This is the reason why it is also better to pack some homemade sandwiches and meals. Not only is this healthy but cost effective as well. Children would be able to save a lot of money by not buying expensive and unhealthy foods at school canteens. It is also advisable that children bring their own drinking water in a jug so that there is no need for them to buy soft drinks or sodas.


Parents should train their children to exercise regularly, and make it a habit to remind their children to do it everyday until they get used to it. This is crucial because children are more interested in their own activities like playing video games and watching television.

This is the reason why parental guidance is recommended. Parents usually are the ones who can make their children enjoy playing games. If children are taught how to play basketball or soccer by knowing the fundamentals first, then there is a high probability that they will continue to play the sport until they get older.

Right Set of Friends

Socializing can also play a key role in reducing obesity in children. Children should involve themselves with friends who have lots of physical activities like school projects, outdoor games, and even charity works. This is important because if the children have friends who have the nasty habit of eating a lot of pizza, likes playing video games, and are obese themselves, chances are all of them would get fatter as time goes by.