News How Polyurethane Is Better Than Plastic, Rubber And Metal

How Polyurethane Is Better Than Plastic, Rubber And Metal


What is Polyurethane (PU)?

Polyurethanes also known as urethanes are any of a family of elastomers (an artificial rubber). Besides, they are exceptional in combining the strength of stiff plastics with the elasticity and flexibility of rubber. Spandex, automotive bushings, seat foam and skateboard wheels are some of the common polyurethane applications.

Polyurethane Vs. Plastic or Rubber

The prime benefit of castable polyurethanes over rubber is their abrasion resistance, and the mixture of a high tear resistance with a high modulus is what provides polyurethanes this benefit. Considerably lower moulding costs, ozone resistance, the wider diameter range and colored with various colors are some other benefits of Polyurethane. Wide choices of colors let color coding of parts or perhaps matching the logo of the company. However, the major advantage of polyurethanes over plastics is also their abrasion resistance because polyurethanes have the elastomeric properties, but plastic doesn’t have and this result to another benefit of urethanes over plastics that are elastomeric memory. In most cases Polyurethanes will return to their original shape when stretched. In addition, they are not breakable since polyurethanes are elastomeric.

How Polyurethane Is Better Than Plastic, Rubber And Metal

Polyurethane Vs. Metal

Most of the metals are heavier than polyurethanes, which makes PU much easier to hold as well as inexpensive to work equipment. As PU has the power to absorb sound, so noise levels are reduced. Polyurethanes’ resistance to corrosion gives another great benefit over metals. They can be manufactured cheaper that is other key advantage polyurethanes over metals. Casting metal parts are slightly more expensive than casting polyurethanes while machining of metal parts and welding is both expensive and time consuming.

Benefits of Polyurethane: Substituting polyurethane elements for plastic or rubber can provide the following advantages.

• Durability: Polyurethane has outstanding abrasion and tear-resistance, better than rubber. Moreover, it has increasing load-bearing capacity, excellent wear properties and impact-resistance as well.

• Pliability: Polyurethane’s pliability and durability combination makes it a material of choice for medical supplies. • Density Range: It can be fabricated to be as hard as a table top or soft as seat foam.

• Flexibility: The exceptional elastic memory of Polyurethane makes it a popular choice for furniture pieces.

Because of the polyurethane severe durability and versatility, its products can be used in various applications, and providing the dependability and strength to live longer. Some of the most common applications of polyurethane include, Polyurethane Rollers, Polyurethane Rods, Polyurethane Rings, Polyurethane Tubes and Polyurethane Sheeting.

How Polyurethane Is Better Than Plastic, Rubber And Metal
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