How powerful is Curiosity? part 1

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How powerful is Curiosity?

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Deep in that darkest of the jungle, amongst the shadows are the stirring desires of curiosity. Emerging from the shadows, a orphaned, baby gorilla, is lost. She looks around wondering where are and what happened to her parents. She notices a soft growl in the distance… she is curious to see what it is. She is curious to see if it has anything to do with the lose of her parents…

She creeps out and is slow pursing her curious path. In the distance she sees the dim light of a camp site. Walking forward she feels a soreness in her left hind paw. There must have been some type of injury that is causing her pain while she walks… slowing her down.

The growl that was in the distance seems closer and more intense.

Her little heart begins pounding as her instincts tell her to run… run with all her strength!

Running and stumbling, she is close enough to the camp to hear human voices.

Then all of a sudden she stops, seeing the welcoming face of a human.

Then, a woman picks her up and cleans her wounds and cares for her.

In this illustrated case, curiosity could have been fatal to this young victim. Often it is dangerous and causes harm to people whom have little experience in life. Ergo, the phrase “curiosity killed the cat”

But is curiosity all bad? Is it truly evil?

As defined by the Online free Dictionary, Curiosity is the “desire to know and learn”. But it also says that it is “an object that arouses interest”.

These definitions can help us to see if curiosity is a truly dangerous thing

All of humankind has benefitted from curiosity. We have either seen this aspect of a person whom has shown this trait and used it to improve on something or even themselves.

This could have been seen in a woman that wants to know if it would be possible to lose weight and improve her health by changing her diet and adding exercise.

Please see part 2

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How powerful is Curiosity? part 1, Seekyt
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