How powerful is Curiosity? part 2

There might be a man out there that feels that there should be a faster and efficient means, to accomplish a task.

Many scientific theories have been improved on, using what scientists call the “curiosity-drive model.” This is a method of viewing and theorizing on processes in experiments.

Without reviewing every invention created, we could easily say that curiosity contributed well to the creation of that said item or device.

What about human nature?

There have been many moments in which we feel something for a person. Someone may say we have a desire for a person… something we feel as a lustful attraction for them.

We may find ourselves staring at them… watching them anytime we can…

Interestingly enough, there was a study done by a biologist Rupert Sheldrake. The study was done, for the sole purpose of tracking and understanding the concept of ,making a person turn around when we stare at them.

Now we have all felt it when someone stares…

The study proved a couple of things.

First off, Sheldrake proved that women where more sensitive to being stared at.

88 % of the time women were more responsive to turn around when stared at. As opposed to 71% of men.

The next point, Sheldrake proved was that there were better results based off of the thought or feeling the person staring had while they would try to make the person turn around.

Sheldrake notes that “For both men and women, curiosity was the most frequent reason for staring at others when they turned around, followed by a desire to attract the other person’s attention. Less frequently, the motives were sexual attraction, or anger.”

This means that guy whom stares at the pretty girl, may not be staring out of attraction… But curiosity!

I would like to pose a question for all my readers… “When someone stares at you… could it be that they may be just be curious about you or something about you?”

To expand on this…

Is that woman that watches and stares wondering…

“I wish there were a way to have my husband dress that well?”

“I wonder why it is that he carries himself so well?”

Is that man that stares wondering…

“I wonder what my wife would look like with long hair like that?”

“I wonder what it would have been to date or marry someone like her, outside of my race?”


Curiosity should be cultivated respectfully.

Consider the dangers to yourself and those around you. Use wisdom before pursing anything. But don’t fear knowledge! Don’t fear growth! Either personal or otherwise

The point being is that curiosity is powerful!

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