How Prison Dog Adoption Programs Work?

Prison Dog Adoption Programs

Unlike the old times when prisoners were believed to have no good in them, prison dog adoption programs have proved that despite their past transgressions, prisoners can still play an important role in the community. The prison dog adoption program is aimed at providing motivated prisoners with a task that can keep them busy while at the same time reduce the number of unadoptable dogs that are killed every year. Through the program volunteering prisoners are given the chance to train previous unadoptable dogs or stray dogs so to speak, into obedient loving pets that anyone would want to keep in their homes.

Advantages of ‘Prison Dogs’

While some people are still reluctant to purchase dogs that have been through prison dog adoption programs due to the notion that they could have as well learnt unruly behaviors from the prisoners, on the contrary prison dogs can be very friendly and enjoyable to have around. Prisoners who are given the responsibility of training these dogs are normally passed through a professional guidance program to ensure that they know how to properly groom these dogs into good pets. So the upside with this is that you first and foremost will have an already trained dog that you won’t have to spend time providing basic training to and what’s more is that such dogs are frequently vaccinated and treated hence you can be assured you will be buying a healthy dog.

Price of dogs that have undergone prison dog adoption programs varies therefore it is important that one is aware not all of the dogs go at the same price. In most instances the price will be determined by the age of the dog for instance, older dogs are fairly cheaper than younger ones. Breed of dog is also another important facet that is given regard to as far as price is concerned. Some breeds may be a little more expensive than others but details of this information can only be got from prison officials dealing with them.

Community Benefits

Prison dog adoption programs act as rehabilitation centers for prisoners in their own respect. This is because through them prisoners learn how to be responsible, patient and above all compassionate. Since the dog always looks at the prisoner for guidance on what to do and how to generally behave, the prisoner learns how to take responsibility and become a role model. A fair share of patience additionally proves necessary as at the first stages of the training the dogs are not always cooperative and need some time to adapt to the new environment. Then the aspect of love comes in as often the dogs only yield to their trainer, the prisoner, when they are showered with affection that prompts them to follow what they are being taught.

Through these programs the lives of many stray dogs have been saved and equally many have been transformed. Prisoners have also got to learn a lot concerning living a noble life through observing the transformation of the dogs they have trained from bad dangerous animals to friendly peaceful pets. It is for these reasons that the government is currently urging all American citizens who may be thinking of purchasing a dog to consider buying one from prison dog adoption programs as there are many community benefits that such an act yields.