How Protecting Your Premises with Security Dogs & Handlers is More Efficient and Cost Effective

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When fighting against thieves this is going to be helpful in the long term as it will allow security firms and the police to identify and track the route that thieves take.It is here that guard dogs become important and if there are more of them on patrol, there is a greater feeling of security for residents and business owners,and a greater feeling of fear for the criminals.

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CCTV v Guard Dogs

When there is a camera on a property ther+ e will be some form of deterrent but for many criminals all they need to do is cover their faces.When there is a dog in the area it will be a different matter.

Dog v Alarms

When a burglary takes place there are going to be alarms that are connected to police stations but this will not be all of them and it is going to be very expensive.A dog can make a great deal of noise and is much better at keeping a criminal standing on the spot than an alarm is.

Dog patrols v mobile patrols

It has to be accepted that there are certain estates were one or two dogs would not be enough and there would have to be some other form of patrol,but using a dog in a mobile patrol will be idea.Guard dogs tend to be big,strong animals and the knowledge that it could easily overpower them will send most burglars running for the door.

High Level Training

It can be expensive to train a guard dog.The great advantage is that just knowing that there is a guard dog on the premises or carrying out regular patrols can stop a criminal attempting a break in.A guard dog will not bark once,but continue until ordered to stop. When a guard dog has finished their training they are fully alert to danger and know to attack on demand.

‘We at Guard Dog Security Ltd trust our dogs and handlers so much that we offer up to £3,000 warranty in case of a robbery in our watch.’


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How Protecting Your Premises with Security Dogs & Handlers is More Efficient and Cost Effective, Seekyt
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