How Reliable is a Refurbished Xbox 360? – Don't Spend More on Retail Before Reading This

Are you looking to purchase an older model of the Xbox 360 and find yourself wondering how reliable is a refurbished Xbox 360 and if you should purchase one? Or maybe you’re looking at a newer model that claims to be refurbished and you are wondering about the quality of the repair, who made the repair, and if the unit is going to need any new repairs. Whatever the case, taking a look at a refurbished Xbox 360 is a smart financial decision because you can end up with a great system at a great price. But are they truly reliable?

Is It an Older Model?

How reliable is a refurbished Xbox 360? To answer that, we need to first take a look at the age of the system. Why is that important? Because many of the first Xbox 360’s that came onto the market used a first generation system of lead free solder. Solder is like welding, but it is used to mesh components together. Lead solder was used in electronics for years, but because of the dangers of ingesting or inhaling lead, solder was moved to a lead free formula. Unfortunately the lead free version is weaker than the original, so as the Xbox 360 heated up and then cooled down, the solder became more and more stressed in the system until it finally would just break. So if you are purchasing an older, refurbished model, I would recommend that you don’t because unless all of the joints have been re-soldered, you are going to end up continually repairing the system each time a solder joint breaks.

Is It a Private Refurbishing or Is It Factory?

How reliable is a refurbished Xbox 360? To answer that, we also need to take a look at whether it is privately refurbished or factory refurbished. A privately refurbished system really depends on the quality of the skills of the individual who did the repair – it could be brilliantly better than factory specs or it could be absolutely terrible. If it is a factory repair, it generally has a 1 year warranty included and has to be thoroughly tested in order to be resold. If you know the individual who did the repair in a private refurbishing, then that may be the way to go, but the safer route is to purchase a factory refurbished system.

How Much Money Could I Save?

This is why many people consider purchasing a refurbished system. You can often save half, if not two thirds, off the cost of a brand new system. For some, being able to save that much money is worth the risk in a refurbished system. But how reliable is a refurbished Xbox 360? About as reliable as a brand new system if it is properly repaired. It is definitely worth the risk, especially if it is factory refurbished.

So when considering how reliable is a refurbished Xbox 360, take into account who made the repair, judge the risk for yourself, and then you may just make the decision to save big and purchase a repaired system over a brand new one.