How Root Canals Might Cause Cancer

Someone I know lost her mother to cancer. The woman who died was very health conscious. She ate organic food and she got a lot of exercise. She read a lot about alternative medicine, and she purchased a mini trampoline to keep her cardiovascular system in shape.

Despite all these measures, she developed cancer. She did undergo a root canal years before her malignancy became apparent. Her daughter believes this is what touched off a cascade of events that caused her mother’s decline.

There is now growing concern, especially among alternative health practitioners, that root canals can lead to cancer and other degenerative diseases. But the above story, even though it’s true, is only considered anecdotal evidence. Is there scientific proof?

Where is the Evidence?

The gold standard of what’s considered scientific ‘proof’ is a double-blind controlled study. Nowadays, this type of research, usually conducted in a clinical setting, is often underwritten by a pharmaceutical firm interesting in putting a new drug on the market. So there is little incentive for anyone to fund such a study, in hopes that its findings would be accepted by the mainstream scientific community.

Much of what we know about the potential hazards of root canals comes from the work of Dr. Weston Price, DDS, conducted in the early part of the 20th century. In 1922, he published a book challenging conventional wisdom that this is a safe procedure.

More Modern Research

Dr. Hal Huggins, DDS, is a contemporary dentist who has also written about the potential dangers you encounter while sitting in a dentist’s chair. His book, titled Uniformed Consent, is available on Amazon. It is an expose of common dental practices that can lead to ill health.

According to Dr. Huggins, bacteria can become trapped in the root canal, and create a chronic infection. The toxins from these organisms are then capable of causing an autoimmune response.

In other published reports, Dr. Huggins cites the work of Dr. Price, who tried to prove his theory by transplanting bacteria taken from a human root canal into a rabbit. The unfortunate animal then developed the same disease as its human counterpart.

Safeguarding Your Health

It’s generally recommended that people with concerns about root canals consult with a biological dentist. There are a number of dentists throughout the world whom do not believe in root canals, and would never consider performing this procedure.

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