How safe is sex during pregnancy

The common question mostly comes in the mind of men, that is it safe to have sex during pregnancy? And this can have more emotional touch if the couple is expecting their first child.

To start with, the pregnant woman should always have low fat-fat diet and also should eat high dietary fiber diet. The quality of diet controls lot of factors in woman’s physical and mental state. When a woman is pregnant, she is undergoing body and mental changes; this directly effects her emotions and behavior. The pregnant woman sometimes gets over sensitive and due to lack of knowledge results in misconception.

The responsibility of the woman increases more than her partner. Her body and mental state is preparing for a baby to grow and develop. Each week brings changes and feeling that require support. Her behavior and acknowledgement of her needs support and explanation affects her mental state as well as affects the foetus.

If the husband is not attending her and is not able to respond or support her, she gets irritated and can stop eating proper food and this starts affecting her health. To avoid these all, husband’s care is required and he should attend her, respond to her feeling and emotions.

During pregnancy, the woman who already is facing lots of changes in herself is not able to give priority to the sexual relationship. Whereas, the husband who is not going through any changes, should understand this situation and should not force his pregnant wife for the intercourse.

Most of the time, the woman is not interested in the intercourse, but if the woman urges and willing then, the man should take care. Avoid all such positions which are superior for man. Sitting positions or woman on top positions can help to avoid any pressure on the abdomen.

Physical relation should be avoided during sixth week to twelfth week of pregnancy. Last two months of pregnancy are also should be avoided for intercourse.

Man should take equal part with the woman during pregnancy. The presence of man during all checkups and medical assistance will make the man a part of the pregnancy and more dedicated.