How SEO optimization works?

Why do businesses use an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). The main reason is companies want to be as high in the search engines as possible so they can reach as many potential customers as possible.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

This is a complex topic. However, it is important for all online businesses to acquaint themselves with SEO practices to be ahead of the competition. Often companies do not have the necessary skills and will need outside help to ensure they have the best SEO available and consult an SEO company in the Dublin area.

Google Panda

Search engine optimisation became very important when Google introduced the Panda software. Panda’s mission in life is to weed out bad websites. What is a bad website according to Panda?
Panda looks for websites that have poor content. This usually means website that update their content frequently enough, or using content from other websites. In addition to this Panda will weed out bad spelling and websites with typos.

How can I adopt good SEO practices?

An SEO expert can help you with Maga Tags and other means to get you website noticed. This is particularly important for websites that are local in nature. Your website will need to be seen by the right people, usually potential clients in your area, not the whole world.

What can I do for myself to improve my SEO?

If you haven’t the time employ an expert otherwise there is quite a bit you can do for yourself:

New Content

Your potential customers will bore with your website unless you update your content on a frequent basis. It is recommended to change your content every few weeks and this includes images.

Don’t plagiarise

Always use you own content, do not take content from other websites as this is frowned on and will lower your search ratings. Do try not to make errors and typos. Avoid mass advertising as this looks messy but worst still you don’t want to drive your customers to other websites.

Use Videos

Videos are very good and used more and more by websites. Videos can be very informative and people can share videos which will also improve your search engine ratings. Keep videos short and instructive, around 5 to 6 minutes in length.


Linking you website to others is good if meaningful. Do not link to any website available but ensure the links mean something and the websites referred have some link or bearing to you own and are informative.

Social media

Using social media to promote your business and company is an excellent idea. It will help drive more people to your website. However, using Face Book and the like will be time consuming and will need to be kept up on a regular basis. Social media will allow the public to engage with you and ask about your products. If they are impressed they will share the information with friends. Google + is also a good resource and you can use circles and video hangouts to help to promote your website and business.

Pay to click

Google Adword is an excellent means to improve the hits to your website and promote your products, however, do not pay people to click on your website as Panda can detect this type of activity.

Consult the experts

There is much to learn about SEO and you may want to consult an SEO company in Dublin like FCR Media who can answer all your concerns about the best SEO practices for your particular website and business.