How SmalleCommerce Companies Can Better Manage Their Social Media

magecomSmall businesses often face a difficult challenge of running their social media campaigns on a very tight budget, which rarely allows to hire a professional team of marketing experts. Popular social media management tools can be also too expensive for small online retailers, especially when subscription plans for one tool exceed $100 a month. The following solutions are modest in terms of price, but offer functionalities, which will help you, manage your social media activity better than ever.


Crowdbooster speaks a language entrepreneurs understand the best: instead of providing only demographic info, Crowdbooster creates graphic analysis, which allows you to quickly identify the most popular posts. Crowdbooster also helps you plan ahead and decide when to publish your posts. The only disadvantages of this tool are its limitations: Crowdbooster analyzes data only from the two most popular social networks, Facebook and Twitter. Crowdbooster subscription plans start at $9 per month.


The biggest advantage of Rignite, which was created as an alternative tool to Hoot Suite, is the “one platform – all networks” approach. Rignite allows you to simultaneously plan and publish content on different social media. The tool can be used to plan, monitor and analyze your social media campaigns. A feature, which is particularly important for entrepreneurs: Rignite allows you to see the ties between your marketing goals and your social media campaigns. An excellent tool for everyone, who is looking for inexpensive and powerful MagentoeCommerce solutions. Rignite plans start at $19 a month.


Busy entrepreneurs, who spent most of their time on the go, might be interested in Everypost, a mobile application available in Android and iOS versions, which allows you to manage your social media presence using your mobile device. Everypost supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr and Pinterest and is available for $9.99 a month.