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How SMBs can Improve their Bottom Lines with Phone Answering Service?

Are you missing out qualified leads due to lack of 24 hour answering service? And want to improve your business bottom lines. It goes without saying that for many small businesses it is pretty significant to minimize overhead costs and ensure more productivity yield better results.

As per the research, it has been found that there are many business owners around the world, who are actually not able to seize potential opportunities due to dearth in capital. It’s not possible for them to recruit full-time receptionists just for the purpose of attending and forwarding calls. While others remain too busy that it’s near to impossible for them to answer each and every phone call themselves because of lack of requisite infrastructure and resources for a full-time manpower.

If you are in dilemma about what to do or not to do, then I would suggest that outsourcing expert phone answering services can prove to be a very beneficial option for your business. As these services will not only ensure that none of your calls remain unattended, but also that all your calls are answered by real people instead of automated voicemail.

Do you know that half of the customers prefer to speak to the live telephone operator rather than to an automated machine? Call answering service helps you give personal as well as professional touch to your calls. Don’t be skeptical about taking up these services thinking that call agents won’t be attending your clients call professionally and ruin your market image. These companies hire experienced and well-educated team of call agents. Above all, these call agents are trained before they go live.

Here is a snapshot of some of the key benefits of phone answering service:

  • According to the recent research conducted by major telecom companies forecasted that approximately more the two-thirds of business associated calls tend to remain incomplete on the first try. Additionally, a majority of individuals don’t feel like leaving voice messages. These statistics ultimately suggest that it’s not that only businesses are failing to reach out customers, even customers are not able to reach out businesses due to lack of proper the answering services. And this can resultantly prove to be detrimental in the longer run, provided businesses overlook same thing and could have a grave impact on company’s growth. By taking professional phone answering service, you can circumvent these issues and ensure that all the calls are answered diligently.
  • Phone services ensure that all the customer calls are answered immediately without making the prospective or existing customers to leave voicemails. After all, who wants to leave a bad impression on the customers? Such a practice will undoubtedly help them in expanding their customer base as well as reinforcing their connections with existing clients. Everything goes hand in hand. If your customers are happy and satisfied with all your services, then you will be able to see desired increase in your profit margins. Studies indicate that businesses rather than focusing and investing more on marketing campaigns and related activities should not ignore customer support services. It is equally important as these campaigns are.
  • These services prove easy on pocket. As a business owner, you only have to pay some monthly fee for professionally attending and forwarding calls. Best part is that you don’t have to invest huge capital on building infrastructure and recruitment of manpower for the handling calls. Do you know that a full-time employee can prove to be very expensive as incur capital not only to pay them salary, but also to train them periodically as per your changing requirements? By outsourcing phone answering services you are safe from such headaches.
  • Last, but not the least you can select and customize call answering solutions as per your varying business requirements.

Hence, never lose out your potential leads. If you are running a business, you must think about outsourcing 24 hour answering service to meet your business requirements as well as delight your customers. Try to find out a reliable service provider and add quality to your phone calls.

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