How Social Media Affects a Businesses Image

Social Media can be one of the cheapest and most efficient ways to promote, market, and advertise your business. However, if you are not careful, it can be one of the easiest ways to give your company a bad image. Millions of people could potentially have a personal connection to a company with the use of social media. Following a page gives users the freedom of posting content to your page through posts and messages, and even allows them to leave a public review for others to see.

If you are not careful, this close personal connection your business has with the consumer on social media can tarnish your company’s image or reputation. We will discuss ways for you to practice reputation management on social media, so your business will never suffer.

Facebook allows a business’ followers to leave a review if they choose. If ever you receive a bad review on Facebook, NEVER just ignore it. Ignoring a bad review makes you look guilty. Instead, kindly respond to the negative review letting them know you are sorry, and how you plan to resolve the issue. This will show that customer and others who read the review that you care about their opinion and happiness, and that this is not how you do business.

If someone ever posts anything negative to your page that can be viewed by the public, address it immediately. If the customer is out of line, purposely slandering your business with false information, or promoting other businesses on your page, you can delete and ban that user from your page. If you keep on top of the spam and inappropriate content being posted by users, you will keep a clean image, and show users you are active on the page.

Confrontational content you post can also have bad effects to your business’ image on social media. ALWAYS avoid certain topics like religion, politics, etc. that have two very strong opposing sides. It is not a bad thing to spark conversation or a bit of a friendly debate to increase page engagement. However, when posting you should ask yourself, “Can this content possibly offend someone?”

When you are engaging with your audience on social media, always be respectful, courteous, and personable. If someone comments with something you do not like, do not attack the person. Doing so will shine poorly on your business’ image. Instead, respond in a respectful and explain your problem with the content posted. Also, when responding to a comment, tweet, or message of any kind, do not let yourself sound like a robot, or an automated response. This can make users believe your page is inactive and unimportant to you. Instead, respond in an efficient, yet personable way as best as you can.

In conclusion, there are always ways that social media could affect the image of your business. Following these steps will prevent any negative attention being brought to your business, while improving your image to a stronger one in the process.