How Solar Patio String Lights Can Set the Mood Anywhere

Patio string lights are a great way to add ambiance to your party or simply hanging out outside on those nice evenings. But if power is an issue because your patio or party area is further out in your backyard, or getting power can be a problem, then consider getting solar outdoor patio string lights.

Solar power has come a long way, and you can now get string lights that are powered with a cell that powers them all. You simply set the cell in the sun during the day and the lights can be anywhere, even in the shade.

As I was researching ways to get colourful lighting outside without the use of long extension cords, I came across these solar powered strings of glowing globes that actually do give off light.

If you are trying to setup your own little oasis outside, whether on your back deck, patio or even your front porch, there are many products you can get now that can create that space without construction or having to add electrical outlets outside.

Solar Power Has Come a Long Way for Outdoor Lighting

Solar Patio String Lights

Using solar power is one such way as you now have the freedom to place these patio string lights anywhere you want. Before you were limited to the length of your extension cord and there was always that fear of someone tripping over it, or overloading the electrical service, especially if you are running other pieces of power equipment.

If you love the idea of colourful lights to highlight your patio area then you can either set up corner poles to string these along, (tent poles are handy for this idea) or even simply highlight the deck railing or the umbrella. This particular set comes with a 22.5 foot of wire, so you can get a couple of sets for a larger area for an affordable price compared to running long extension cords!

It comes with a solar cell that draws the power from the sun during the day and you can mount to the house or a tree, or simply in the ground out of the way. If you can get good sun exposure on the cell then you will get at least 8 hours of a beautiful festive glow without worry of wires, cords or switches

I recently went to a party where the hostess had solar patio string lights wrapped lightly around her large potted plants on the deck just to add a really nice warm glow to the evening. I was surprised to find out they were solar, because my experience up until then, had been that solar lights were not bright and didn’t give off the glow I wanted. But I was pleasantly surprised to see just how they can add to the decor of your outdoor oasis for an affordable price.

Solar String Lights are Waterproof

This set have LED lights inside of them and the whole set is completely waterproof! The solar panel runs on a very efficient lithium battery that will last a very long time. I have seen tiny solar lights, such as little twinkle lights for bushes and shrubs but had never seen 2.5 inch globes on a string. These would be perfect around a patio and will create a warmth and set the mood for that barbeque, family gathering or simply hanging out in your very own oasis.

Perfect for the Cottage or Camping

Depending on how equipped your cottage is, you may not have the power needed to add some outdoor lighting, but by using solar patio strings you can light up your outdoor area quickly and still enjoy the warmth and the mood. If you go camping you can bring these with you to light up your camp site. I remember patio lights when I was a kid, and they have come a long way since then. So, create your very own oasis, with these portable products that you can get now, such as portable privacy screens or portable clip together outdoor flooring that can be assembled quickly without construction and enjoy your space this year.