How Teachers Shape the Future of Students and Make Them Employable

Teachers are the guiding stars for a student. A teacher’s job does not end with completing the syllabus on time; a teacher’s goal is not just to help students obtain good marks. A good teacher shares his experiences, helps his students develop an analytical mind, encourages them to take challenges and makes sure that the education they receive from the school or college makes them employable. In order to understand the impact of teachers on students’ lives, we need to take a look at the things teachers do inside and outside the classroom to ensure a better future for the next generation.

# Teachers provide a roadmap to the students: It’s not just the subject you are going to learn but exactly what you are going to learn that matters the most. A teacher tells you what are the topics he will cover during the semester and it makes the learning process streamlined. This helps you prepare your notes and study materials in advance. Thus, the chances of getting good marks in exams increase, moreover; when you join a profession, you remember this method and make sure the team members in your office follow a definite roadmap. The only difference is this time you are trying to meet deadlines, not to complete the syllabus on time.

# Help in the learning process: Suppose someone tells you that white light is the accumulation of all other colors but how do you know it’s the truth? Teachers don’t just tell you a theory, but encourage you to find the facts behind it. They help students develop an analytical mind. A good teacher doesn’t just say that white light is the amalgamation of all other lights; he performs the experiment with a prism and helps you understand the basis of the theory. This helps a student in his career because when he gets a responsibility in a company, he checks the facts before diving into any project.

# Increase level of attention: Teaching is all about student-teacher interaction and a good teacher makes sure that nobody remains unmindful in the class. Kids may find the classroom lessons boring, but only when they grow up, do they realize that the things they have learned are actually helping them in their career. After all, whether you join an IT firm or open your own small business, if you don’t pay attention to your work, success will never kiss your feet.

# Develop the ability to take challenges: The more you learn, the more confidence you gain as a person. It’s true that no tutor can teach you everything, but then a good teacher can shape up your character over the years so that after leaving school, you can find your own answers without anyone’s help. When you join a company in future, you may face challenges that you have never imagined before, but the confidence in your knowledge helps you find an innovative solution.

# Increase sense of responsibility: Blaming others for personal mistakes is common office politics. It may help you survive for sometime, but sooner or later, co-workers will start realizing your weakness to accept failure. Teaching does not end in classrooms. Teachers often ask students to form small groups among them and take part in debates or sports competitions. It’s obvious that in a competition between 4-5 small groups, only one group can be successful and you may be the losing team leader, but as you do these activities more often, you start accepting both success and failure with grace. This helps you become a better leader in your future. Even if you taste failure, you act responsibly.

# Encouragement makes all the difference: Did you study the life of Helen Keller? That is what a teacher can do! Even if you have major disabilities, a teacher gives you immense encouragement to excel in whatever you do. This encouragement helped people like Helen Keller and Stephen Hawking achieve the impossible in their career.

# Help get good marks that result in a good job: Teachers increase the earning capability of their students by helping them secure good marks in exams. After all, in every job interview, the interviewee wants to see the scorecard. A good teacher completes the syllabus on time, takes mock tests, provides a question-answer session every month to evaluate the progress of students and give special attention to those who are not performing well so that even they get a good score in the final exam.