How the Blood Type Diet Can Improve Your Heath

I have been interested in the way diet affects health for the last ten years or so, since previous to that I had become overweight and facing an uncertain future with the painful and crippling conditions of rheumatoid arthritis and gout. In my early 30s, the onset of these conditions that affect the joints of the body had put me on early warning that I seriously needed to make changes to my lifestyle if I didn’t want to face middle age being reliant on powerful pain killing drugs and other medication or even spending later life in a wheelchair.

My early attempts at altering my diet went some way to helping things along. Cutting out many sugar-laden foods and not drinking soda made a bog difference to my weight. But it didn’t go far enough.

I read many books on the subject to learn all I could about nutrition and how it affects health, so over time I had gained a pretty good understanding of how certain foods affected certain aspects of health. I discovered that I needed to cut out red meat and dairy from my diet to help with the arthritis and gout. It did to some extent as the symptoms lessened over time. But I still felt there was more to the puzzle than I was seeing.

Blood Type and Diet

There are lots of interesting aspects to this particular diet system that made me seriously sit up and take note. Of course, my individual circumstances won’t match many people’s circumstances. You’ll have to read the book that matches your blood group yourself and make whatever changes are necessary to suit your needs.

It Can Work For You Too

This diet strategy gave me loads more angles in my diet to work with that both avoid negative aspects to health while boosting positive ones. To this day, I have lost all the excess weight that I was at one time carrying around with me and I don’t suffer with any more joint pain.

This diet seems to have put the finishing touches on the work I started over twenty years ago to halt the progress of arthritis. It has enabled me to eventually eliminate it from my body, through right eating and a healthier lifestyle overall.