How the Porter Cable Sander Increases Productivity

Working with sanders can make your projects in the home more productive and rewarding for your efforts. This doesn’t mean to say you should give up sanding by hand entirely. There are some areas where sanding by hand is still very useful and needed. But few would argue that there are three areas where the electric sander can provide you with a faster solution to your sanding needs and it gives just as good, if not better results in a fraction of the time you would need if you did the project by hand.

Woodworking and furniture restoration, drywall installation and DIY home projects are all areas where the belt and orbit sander can increase your productivity.

Porter Cable Sander

Wood Sanding

For a DIY woodworking job, nothing beats a good electric sander. They can take hours off the refinishing work on that old table the missus wants you to put a new coat of varnish on so she can hold her ladies afternoon tea meeting next weekend. Today is your Sunday off, which you wanted to spend watching the football match on the TV.

This is where the belt sander really earns its tucker as it can strip away old varnish in a few minutes that would take hours doing by hand. After you have stripped away the old varnish, your disk sander, with a fine grit disk, creates a smooth and even surface allowing it to take a fresh coat of varnish. While that dries you can catch a bit of the game.

Dry wall goes up smooth as silk

Your daughter is coming home from university and you have to get that additional room you’ve been talking about finished soon. She’ll be arriving and you need to have the drywall in place, the studs are tight and your have just finished the taping and are applying the mud to get that smooth surface. You’ll want to use a fine grit disk and lightly sand around the edges and around the screws.
Disk SanderMany like to use hand tools for this but with your lightweight porter cable cordless disk sander you have the same control and finesse as Josh Kennedy when he clinched the winner against Costa Rica just before the World Cup.

A disk sander can give you that quick touch up in places where the mud might have gone on like the icing on your mums chocolate cake. You need it smoothened and the finer the grit the better. Remember to wear a dusk mask, goggles and protective hooded coveralls to keep the dust off your skin and out of your eyes and hair.


You have some free time and you want to finish up that home entertainment system enclosure for the TV and music center. You’ve got all the piecework done now you have to sand all the flats and make sure they will all fit just right. The belt sander has taken the rough surfaces down. Now is the time to use a light touch and your orbit sander to smooth the surface to take the wood stain new wood stain you’ve chosen for the finishing touches.

Using medium at first and working to a fine grit, you work the wood until it has a smooth as glass feeling. Now is the time to spray on the on in even and light strokes, coating the surface until you have the just the right finish.

Last comes final assembly and a few coats of polyurethane to seal the wood and protect it. There you have it, a new piece of furniture that is now the centerpiece of your sitting room where you and the family can watch the movies, your favourite TV shows, listen to music and entertain friends. The work has gone a lot quicker and easier by using your porter cable sander.

Working at home on various projects such as refinishing furniture and putting up drywall can be done much quicker with your Porter cable sander assisting you in your endeavours. They truly give the quality you require and a precision that’s hard to beat. Using tools like these gets the job done in a fraction of the time that doing things by hand does. DIY projects seem to build themselves out of thin air and with an appearance and stylish look that many will not believe; it was done by you. So the next time you need it done with quality, panache and in a timely manner. Think electric sanders and then reach for your porter cable sander and do a job you’ll be proud to stand over.