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How this Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Can Add Warmth and Fun to Patio Living


I decided this year that I wanted to update my outdoor living space, but money is not exactly flowing right now. But I did discover ways to decorate and add warmth and fun to the outdoor space with an outdoor gas fire pit.

Where we live (in the suburbs of the city) we are not allowed to have real open wood fires, so I did ask about a propane fire pit and the answer was yes, so I have been checking out the different styles of gas fire pits that are on the market. Many are “up market” meaning gorgeous built ins, but a little to rich for my wallet. The Beauty of these units is that they are controllable where as a real fire is not. Some towns classify them as outdoor heaters, but this one had the most realism I thought of a real fire pit.

After more checking online I have found this one which to me looks just like a real fire. It can travel with you to camping sites and anywhere in the yard as long as you have a fuel source, which in this case is the propane tank. The way I see it, we have propane tanks filled each season ready for the barbeque, so you could dedicate one to this fire pit. It offers a safe operation and you simply keep the propane tank at a distance.

An Outdoor Fire Pit is a Great Way to Extend the EveningHow this Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Can Add Warmth and Fun to Patio LivingHeininger Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

This unit measures approximately 19 x 19 x 11 inches, so it is not huge, and weighs 22 pounds on its own. This could easily be moved around the patio or deck or taken camping or even that beach party. It is a safe unit and will not burn the deck (which was always my concern). It gives off a nice warm glow which sets the mood for evening barbeques and simply sitting around with friends.

The rocks look real, and it is a safer way to have a warm fire on a cool evening, it even helps to keep the bugs away. There are many other styles on the market. If you have a natural gas line or outlet on your house, you can get one specifically for natural gas, but the problem with that, is it is no longer portable.

Using a Propane Fire Pit Keeps it Portable

There are many natural gas versions of this product, but what I like best about using propane is that you can then take this fire with you anywhere you want. It is not overly huge, and could easily fit in the trunk of a car. If you camp and take propane tanks with you anyways, then this would be a great product for an instant fire and warmth. There is not the smoke or smell that comes with a natural wood fire.

How this Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Can Add Warmth and Fun to Patio LivingHeininger Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

If you live in an area that doesn’t like open outdoor fire pits for fear of sparks and spreading fire, you may be able to use this outdoor propane fire because it can be controlled, and you can keep the flame very low. It is no different than using an outdoor gas heater.

So, if you thought you could not enjoy the look of a fireplace in your yard, then check out the gas models. They look real enough, are safer and a fun way to add mood lighting to your patio, deck, porch, or at the cottage. I found this particular model on Amazon.

Dressing up your outdoor space for the season can be fun and you don’t have to break the bank to have an instant oasis, also see Outdoor Privacy Screens which you can set up instantly and are portable, or Patio Umbrella Lights that are battery operated. You could simply use Replacement patio chair cushions to change the colour and decor of your outdoor space. Enjoy the season and create your very own oasis.

How this Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Can Add Warmth and Fun to Patio Living
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