How to Achieve Positive Karma by Liking this Article

Okay so up front I will tell you yes I am writing this article to get you to click like but in turn I am going to tell you how doing something like clicking like on this article or sharing this article on Facebook or Stumbleupon or even Pinning a picture from this article on Pinterest will help you achieve what most people search for their whole lives. Positive Karma.

Liking an article on Seekyt is like smiling at a stranger on the street. Approving their presence. Sharing a smile is a positive action and cam make a world of difference in how others perceive you. It can also cause a Domino effect. Smile at one person and maybe that’s enough to get them thinking and all of a sudden that person is purposely smiling at another stranger passing on that positive happy vibe. Then that person smiles at a stranger and so on and so on. Smiling at strangers is no different than liking an article here at Seekyt.

You might ask how smiling at someone is the same as liking an article. If you like my article you are peaking my interest to reciprocate that positive action by reading something you have written and probably liking that article of yours and even going one step further and liking someone else’s sharing a like or an imaginary smile with a stranger. Some people that read an article and like it or even share it online somewhere else will let you know they liked it and shared it by telling you so in the comments section. Whatever their intention whether they know it or not they are positively affecting your life and if you retaliate you are also positively affecting that person’s life.

Liking an article or smiling at a stranger is just a small piece of the creating positive Karma in your life pie. If you think about people in your life that are liked by everyone or famous and powerful people who are like loved and respected by thousands and millions of others you will notice that those people always have a kind thing to say, always speak positively and always deal with negativity by understanding that the source of the negativity might possibly have a good reason in that persons mind to act that way. The likable person will not speak negatively or positively about the negative persons actions but will take a neutral stance. Being positive day in and day out take a lot of practice and effort at first but with persistence you can tip the scales in your positive favor.

This article is short and sweet and I hope the point is clear. Liking whether it is a physical action like clicking like on an article or just liking in your mind is a positive action. Positive actions by default will create happiness so like yourself first then like others and before you know it you will be that likeable person that everyone likes loves and respects.