How to Add Music to Xbox Music on Your Windows 8.1 Device

Microsoft’s latest OS – Windows 8.1 is remarkably known among users for its amazing user interface (UI), multitasking capabilities and tiled desktop that brings everything straight to the hands of a user. Its excellent compatibility with tablets, notebooks, PCs, laptops and other portable devices makes it a wider choice of users looking for a device with touch-screen features. Its new Start Screen helps users to quickly create documents, check their emails, and open up their desired app with just a few taps. A user will feel ‘fun at work’ experience as the touch-screen feature, and multi-touch gestures won’t let him stress even during his crucial working hours.

Another exciting feature includes the capability to listen to music and this is the reason why the company has incorporated a refreshed Xbox Music app, replacing the widely known and traditional Windows Media Player in the prior versions. Users can still access the Windows Media Player by selecting it from the list of installed apps on their devices Start Screen. However, Xbox Music will change the entire experience of music lovers using Windows tablet, notebook and desktop and will continue to take that excitement to another level by updating it on a regular basis.

What is Xbox Music app and what can it do?

Replacing the free Zune Software experience of Microsoft’s users, the Xbox Music is a close alternative to Windows Media Player as it also allows users to play songs copied on your hard drive. In addition to this, the app is also capable of playing songs that are downloaded from the Internet or have been stored on their network. The app features free music streaming for six months, from the date of purchase of the device. Users can also create a local collection of music that’s already stored on their disk drive or on a MicroSD card.

Following the online-centric syncing approach, this new app will not force you to plug-in a device and load up all the media, like Windows Media Player and Zune does. The online facility allows a user to listen to his favorite music just by syncing their devices directly to the Xbox Music app. The app’s scan feature finds your favorite music content and makes it available to stream on your Xbox, Windows Phone, iPhone or Android device online.

The company focused on offering remote access to a user’s favorite music file thus, creating the whole system effortless and allowing users to enjoy their music anytime, anywhere. Feeling excited? Then immediately access this app to enjoy a streamlined yet organized way of enjoying your music files.

How to add music to your Xbox Music app on Window 8.1?

Now, enjoying your favorite music in the condition you want will be the most exciting experience for any music lover. Users often feel annoyed and frustrated when they face a situation where they can’t have all of their loved music files on each device they use. Therefore, the company has come up with an app that possesses the capability to carry all your music wherever you go. Just a few syncing techniques, uploading music files, paring up the app and you’re done!

By following these steps, you can now easily add your locally stored music to this app in Windows 8.1:

Step1. Start your device and open the Xbox Music app.

Step2. Now, move your cursor to either the upper-right or lower-right corner of your screen to bring in the Charms bar. Alternatively, a swipe from the right side of the screen will also help to bring up the Charms bar.

Step3. Click/tap on Settings > Preferences, and then choose ‘Where we look for music on this PC’ option.

Step4. Tap/ click the ‘+’ button to scan your local folders and locate the desired music file that you wish to share on your other devices. You can also select the entire folder and then tap on the ‘Add this folder to music’ button to add the folder to app.

(If you’re selecting individual files, then do this until you’ve added all the files that contain your music.)

Step5. Once you have added all your desired music folders to the app, then tap or click on the ‘Done’ button to finish the app.

How to remove a music file/folder from your Xbox Music app on Window 8.1?

Sometimes, a user might feel that the entire collection is getting cluttered because of some music files that he doesn’t often listen to. Moreover, the more files you’ll have in the app the more time it will take to load them. So, it is recommended to remove the music files that don’t interest you anymore or match with your preferences.

To do the same:

• Tap or click the ‘X’ button located in the upper-right corner of the folder tile and then tap/click on the ‘Remove Folder’ to confirm the “Delete” command.
Remember that you can’t remove the last folder as the collection needs at least one folder in the app to work upon.

This app comes with various enticing features that will change the entire music experience of a music freak/lover. Users who have their favorite music stored on a USB flash drive or an external hard drive should copy or move the content to any folder listed in the ‘Music Library Locations’ window. Once the files will be moved at this location, then the Music app will be able to detect the content easily. Users having music stored on a network or network access storage (NAS) drive don’t need to worry much as the app supports content stored on network shares hosted by Windows OS. With these features and support, the app is expected to replace the popular Windows Media Player program soon. Go and sync your favorite music to this app to enjoy it in kitchen, gym, outdoors, travel, and wherever you go!

About the Author: Polly M Quinton is an ardent technician associated with Qresolve online computer support with wide experience of fixing issues with PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphone. With a strong track record of devising effective ways of online tech support and system security, she has so far helped thousands of users across the globe.