How To Add Volume To Straight Hair

The girls with straight hair are blessed that this looks great, most of the time, without great care. In fact, many can wash it in the morning, disentangled and dry naturally and look good. But, of course, not all are equal straight hair. Some have a lot, while others have very little hair. These have a challenge because courts should seek to help them create volume.

Long Hair

Long hair with multiple layers, looks better on girls who have long hair. By contrast, the low hair will be challenged to juggle so it looks abundant. In fact, the style rule does not work with layers in which they have little hair. And this further emphasizes the fact that the hair is very fine. It is a fallacy that layers help it look plentiful. This effect can only be achieved in the medium cutting hair.

But to the happy, with thick hair, long hair looks gorgeous. Ideally, your stylist create a cut with layers around the face as these provide texture, volume and movement.

Long hair looks better on women with oval face. But, if you have long, selected instead of medium length cut.

Medium hair

The medium length is ideal for most girls with straight hair because it gives the sense of volume without much effort. It is preferred because it allows you to take even or create beautiful layers that frame the face. The cuts in vogue point farther up volume and waves. To spice widths can use rollers or a hand dryer.

Ask your stylist who believes only in the surface layers of your hair, so that these will melt the rest of the hair, producing movement.

Short Hair

Short hair looks beautiful on those with delicate features. It is recommended for women with personality and vivacious. It’s great for those with good bone structure in the face. But beware, if you have some extra pounds, your face is round or plump your face, this style is not the best for you because it will highlight those features. To give volume using a hand dryer and a volumizing product.

Make the most of the bangs

The fringe or bangs still in vogue and can change, simply, the style of those who always wear their hair straight. The fashionable look is moved to the front, the eyebrow level or slightly below these. It helps to create a modern, cheerful and youthful. The good news is that, as you have straight hair, you have to use a hand dryer or an iron to smooth and tame. Now, though, requires you to visit your stylist every four weeks to be in good condition and Do not look frumpy. Ask your hairdresser to make cut on dry hair, to make sure the length is just above the eyebrows or a half of these. When searching for inspiration, think of the bangs supermodels Claudia Schiffer and Kate Moss or the actress Jennifer Garner.

On the other hand, the bangs to one side of the face is one of the safest to use because it looks good on almost everyone. One of the actresses that I look better is Reese Witherspoon, who for years has brought this style. A few days and other naughty looks glamorous as clothing and accessories bearing.

Volumizing tricks

For those with long or medium cuts that need their hair to life immediately is the option of using a volumizing product to be sprayed in the root, while the hair is still wet. They should then divide the hair into two sections and dry with a blower, beginning with the section below. The heat of the hand dryer is vital for product activation. If used alone, without heat, you will not get the desired result.

Another great trick for when time is short, is turn your head upside down and dry the hair with the blower. And of course, do not forget to use shampoos and conditioners to create volume.