How to adopt a homeless cat and make a new feline friend

There are plenty of kind-hearted souls in this world who would love to adopt a homeless cat or other domestic animal.

Perhaps you’re one of these and have seen a stray cat without a home wandering around looking for food. Perhaps looking at this little, scrawny creature and her circumstances melts your heart and you want to take care of her or him. If so, be assured that it is possible to win over and adopt a homeless cat using a few simple steps.

You might wonder if it is so difficult to adopt a stray cat that you need to follow certain steps to do it. After all, all you have to do is pick her up and bring her home. However, it is not as easy as one might think to just pick up a homeless cat and bring her/him home as a pet. I have adopted quite a few stray cats and dogs over the years and had the joy of their loving companionship for the duration of their lives. But it was important to win their trust first. If you don’t establish a level of trust with the stray cat, you may well get scratched or bitten badly because the cat may be afraid of you.

If you encounter the cat somewhere outside your home, you can try to take her some cat food for a few days. However, this will mean that you should be aware of where she tends to hang out to find her. If he or she is friendly, you can try gently rubbing the top of her head and see if she likes that. Most homeless cats would be happy to get some attention and food. If you get this far, it will become easier to adopt the cat and take her home. When you reach this point of giving her food often and she begins to trust, you can put her in a cat carrier (put the food inside to induce her to get in) and bring her to your home.

On the other hand, if the cat visits your home (perhaps jumps in through the window looking for food), you can keep some cat food on hand and give it to her in a bowl. If she comes often, leave the bowl with some food for her to eat so that she gets used to the idea that there will be some food for her whenever she visits and that the bowl is meant for her.

Once your new feline friend becomes a regular visitor, you can provide a place for him or her to sleep. Prepare a place for her to sleep in your house, preferably a sheltered, somewhat private spot and put out a cat bed for her. When she visits, you can show her the cat bed and pat it so that she gets the idea that it is for her. By this time, the cat should have begun to trust you.

Once you win your new cat friend’s confidence and she feels safe with you, the next step is to take her to the vet. It is advisable to get your cat spayed and get her shots according to your vet’s recommendation.

If you follow these steps, you should be able to adopt a homeless cat easily and enjoy his or her companionship for years to come.