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How to answer tough interview questions

How to answer tough interview questions

The interview is drawing to a close the brain breaking question here would be how to answer tough interview questions, the classic questions are asked. If the recruiter wants to know how the candidates really ticks and how to deal with unexpected situations, like he used to Brainteaser.

What is Brain Teaser?

Brain teasers are small tasks with which the analytical thinking skills can be questioned. They will help you the way how a person deals with unknown questions to better understand. In Brain teasers, it’s not primarily about the right solution, but rather the way in which a solution is found.

Fields of application

Is particularly in professional fields, where the combined logical, structured thinking with a focus on the essentials specifically requested, Brain teasers are as a complementary element in the selection process used. Stefan Menden, founder of the career network squeaker.net and author of ‘Brain Teaser in the interview’ is therefore called the field consulting , investment banking, but also the software development than traditional areas in which Brainteaser be applied.

He estimated that today is already in every tenth interview used a brain teaser. ‘I like to put a brain teaser for example, after processing a case study. When the tension drops straight, is a good time to demand with a surprising question of the candidate again. Finally, there are stressful situations in our everyday work as a consultant. Since it is good to know whether a candidate even left yet developed and structured a solution. ‘

Task Types for Brain Teaser

Essentially can be divided into five task groups Brain Teaser:

First mathematical thinking

Here it comes, arithmetical problems in filtering out the relevant information and identify simple rules and formulas computing a solution.

Example: You ride a bike along the railway embankment. On the railway line runs one continuous line, which commutes regularly between the two cities. Every 30 minutes a train overtakes you come from behind, every 20 minutes you meet a train. At what time the trains?

Second Reasoning

Here the candidate is required of statements given by a structured, systematic thinking to get a result.

Example: On a table there are nine balls and a pharmacist balance with two scales. One of the nine balls is heavier than the other eight balls. The weight difference is so small that it only uses the scale can be detected. Is it possible to find the heavy ball weighing twice? If so, what should be done?

Third Trial and Error

The challenge is to find a solution through clever try, since these tasks can not usually solve using mathematical formulas.

Example: In an interview offers you the hiring manager the following game:.. ‘We add based on the number ten, alternating a number between one and ten new on the sum of who added at the end in exactly 100 has won I’m starting to give you To demonstrate this: So, 10 + 2 = 12 This is my first train Now it’s up to you ‘.. Can you win the game?

4th Out of the Box

Manages an applicant to be creative and use his common sense? The rule is: Everything not forbidden is one possible solution.

Example: Theo has two ropes, each of which burn in an hour altogether. The speed with which the ropes burn is not constant. For example, after three minutes, 80 percent of a cable may be burnt, while the other cable is burned in the same time only 20 percent. How can Theo measure with the two cables for exactly 45 minutes?

5th Estimate

Can develop a candidate with mathematical knowledge, general knowledge and creativity for a first glance not really answerable question a logically comprehensible answer?

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