News How To Applique for Quilting the Easy Way

How To Applique for Quilting the Easy Way


Quilts have always been and will always be, it seems, full of their own kind of charm. Made of several different pieces of cloth, the output is a lovely combination of what every piece can bring to the table. For those who want to make a quilt, it pays to learn how to applique first.

What started out as a French word for the phrase has been applied, applique is presently more popular as a term for a specific technique in quilting. Technically, the whole procedure involves smaller fabric pieces that are sewn on the quilt background.

Basically, one can choose different pictures such as that of animals, landscapes and attractions, to name a few, and sew them on the quilt. The blocks are connected to each other and sewn on a larger piece of cloth that serves mainly as the background piece.

There are two methods used in applique quilting. The hand applique quilt process is considered to be the more traditional one. It is also more common than the other technique. The technique is used most often when dealing with unique designs that machine quilting cannot fully achieve.

When the fabric pieces are available, one makes a line to mark the area where the stitching is done. The pieces of fabric are then pinned and stitched to the background fabric. Different decorative stitches can be utilized for a lovelier output.

Another technique on how to applique is with the use of a sewing machine. This modern option is generally easier and faster when compared to the other technique. The best thing about this is how even the output stitches are. This whole technique actually comes up with a zigzag pattern. A piece of thread is set on the machine. This is then made to run through a rough sample cloth in order to make sure that the machine works accordingly.

With the use of fusible webbing, the applique can stay where it is supposed to stay. The applique is then cut and stitched according to one’s preference.

When doing an applique quilting, the use of certain thread colors deserves quite a good amount of attention. It is according to one’s preference though on how the fabric and thread colors are going to interact with each other.

The thread can either be directly in contrast to the background fabric’s color for an effect or be completely matching the very hue of the fabric for it to blend easily and disguise its actual presence.

Knowing the basics on how to applique quilting is a good skill to acquire for anyone who is into the quilting hobby. It is creative, easy and highly satisfying once the desired output is achieved.

How To Applique for Quilting the Easy Way
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