How to approach women

Many people have this fear of approaching women. We have this fear because we start generalizing what might happen in the future so a whole bunch of feelings stir up in the bottom of our stomach and then we just stay frozen until your woman’s gone. We need to realize that in society it is a norm for men to be the ones approaching women. If we watch movies or television shows, most of the time we see the man approaching the woman, the man escalating, making the moves. That doesn’t mean that women will never approach you. But if you could just handle this properly and fix this problem if it is one, you will have much more control over your love life. You won’t need to wait 10 years for the right woman to show up. So to approach a woman, what the hell do you do!!?? Okay remember the first time we see a woman and feel attracted to her is her physique, so you’re somewhere and you see these two stunning young ladies, you and the girls made eye contact and they’re giving you the naughty little smile. A million things are going through your head. You can’t find anything to say.
First of all you want to get into state. Remember being good with women is a process and the more you practice the better you will get. Why am I saying that you have to get into state? Your behaviour is affected by state. For example if I was to approach a woman and I was in a sad, depressing state, I would behave differently than I was in a more positive, fun state. How do you get into state? An easy way to get into state is to think about all the happy things in your life. And to get into a sad state think about all the sad things that happened in your life. Hopefully this is not that hard for you. This process should take less than a fraction of a second, because the second you get into state and think about all the good things about your life for a few moments, you literally gain confidence because you’re happy.
When you’re approaching a girl, the less time you decide to approach the girl, the more chances you have to approach the girl. For example if I didn’t even wait a fraction of a second to approach a girl I have way more chances to approach the girl than if I took a few moments to think about it or get into state. When you first start just like anyone else you will make a lot of failures, face a lot of rejection, get a lot of haters, you might even want to give up. But in the long run? There’s one thing I can guarantee you, even if all the bad stuff will happen, you will get laid more than you are now, you will be more mature because you have more experience with women, and hey, if you’re in love, you might even find the love of your life and live happily ever after.