How to Ask for More Money at Work

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You don’t always have to find a new job to make more money. But asking your boss for a raise isn’t the most comfortable conversation. There are may practical reasons that people never ask for a raise which can cost them many opportunities in the long run. Those opportunities could be a new car, new vacation, or more security by paying down your debt or having more savings in the bank. If you’ve spent a few years in your job, you should consider what your financial situation be like now if your salary was 10%, 20%, 50% higher, a long time ago?

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Understand What You are Worth at Work

a. What is the market value for my role?

b. Can my company afford me?

c. Is my company willing to pay what I am worth?



When you start a new job


Timing is important


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How to Ask for More Money at Work, Seekyt
John Ybarra
John is a Personal Finance Contributor and dog-parent. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, additional training in family financial strategies, and has been an adviser and mentor on business accounting and personal savings topics for more than 20 years.