How to Avoid a Heart Attack

Millions of people world wide will have a heart attack each year. This, in many cases can be avoided by making some changes in certain areas of behavior. The first thing you will want to look at is diet. What do you eat each day? There are some foods that are better for your heart health then others. If you are a lover of fatty foods then you may have a heart problem looming in your future. The following tips may be helpful in changing to a healthier way of eating.

First of all add more veggies to your diet and cut back on salt and fats. Do not try to make drastic change all at once because chances of sticking to it will be slim to none. Gradually eliminating unhealthy foods while adding heart health foods to your diet will provide a more permanent change in eating habits. reduce the amount of red meat and replace it with chicken, turkey and fish. Cut back on non nutritious starches and carbs such as sugar and white rice and white bread. Instead use honey as a sweetener and eat brown rice and multi-grain breads. Have fruit as a dessert rather then cake. Eat frozen yogurt in place of ice cream. Remember that portion size is important also. moderation is the key to healthy eating.

Next you need to get up and move. Exercise is very important to your heart health. I’m not talking about running a marathon or becoming a gym rat, what I am saying is walk the dog three times a week. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. Go swimming , do some yard work. This will improve your circulation and strengthen the heart muscle. Do not over do the exercise if you have been a basically sedentary person. this can cause more damage then good. Start off slow and build up to about twenty or thirty minutes each session. If you are over weight changing your diet and moderate exercise will help you drop the excess pounds. this will reduce strain on the heart.

Now lets talk about smoking. If you smoke , stop. I know that it isn’t at all easy to do this so you may need some help. ask your doctor about a nicotine patch or look for a support group that can help you through the process. Remember if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. Your life may depend on it. Smoking is one of the leading causes of heart disease.

Last but not least is stress. If you have excessive stress in your life, it must be reduced.stress kills. You can experience all kinds of bad things happening in your body when you consistently deal with high levels of stress. High blood pressure is just one of the results of to much stress. We all know that high blood pressure can lead to stroke or heart attacks.

To sum it up, Eat well, exercise moderately, stop smoking and reduce your stress levels. doing these things will help you prevent a heart attack and will improve your over all health.