How to avoid accidents with animals while bicycling

If you are riding a bicycle all of your senses are focused on alot of things because you are peddling steadly while mainting your balance at a fast rate of speed, you need to be aware of your environment to decrease the chance of accidents with people or vehicles. You must make sure that your bike is in good condition and that you wear a helmet and all the appropriate gear for you bike ride to assure safety and protection.

But what could be the most dangerous thing of all is an animal disruptting you while your riding a bicycle, the reason being it could be a wild animal with unknown disease or a domestic animal (dog, horse, ferrett) without supervision or with and handled by its owner that can could get you into an accident with all of the other things mentioned earlier.

When an animal does not look agressive (usually a domestic animal or possibly a wild animal that hasn’t noticed you yet) you must slow down and keep your distance as to not ride into it and not provoke it into attacking you. When an animal looks agressive (An animal handled by its owner or a wild animal such as a porcupine, raccoon or a bear) you must get off of your bike the opposite side of the animal to create protection so that it can not get to you, proceed to walk with your bike and cycle away when you are at a safe distance.

If it trys to attack you! If you followed the above step you must use you bike as a shield and attack it back with your bicycle, olny do this to stop the animal and try to run away so you can safely bike away. If the animal appears diseased (rabies, signs of disease like missing fur, foamy moimage

uth etc.) or it is very dangerous (like a bear, fox or other large mammal) as quick as possible leave with your bike and do not do the above step. image