How To Avoid Backlash From Antibiotics

I would like to warn anyone away from what happened to me, and surely it is not not exactly uncommon. While on antibiotics for a persistent throat infection, I had to switch medication three different times. This prolonged the amount of time I was on the antibiotics. But you can simply have just one antibiotic and still get ‘backlash’ and end up with horrible intestinal problems from it. Your health can suddenly suffer because medications can change the whole intestinal environment. I ended up in the emergency room, in really severe pain. I’m actually still recovering now,three days later. I was taken out of my home on a stretcher and went to the E.R. by ambulance.

A healthy thing to do and a way to avoid trouble is to get a good acidophilus and take it while you are on your antibiotics and then keep taking it after the course of medication is done with. Many doctors will advise this. They really all should but they don’t. I’ve heard that taking good quality capsules of acidophilus is better than relying on yogurt, which often contains it as well but in not as high of doses. In any event, be careful if you are on medicine.

Acidophilus provides your body with healthy bacteria. Sounds odd maybe but there is ‘friendly’ bacteria. You normally have it in your intestines but antibiotics can wipe it out and leave you vulnerable. Taking the acidophilus capsules will prevent you from this backlash. It’s easy to obtain from health stores,drug stores and even grocery stores. You can look up info on how to test your acidophilus too, if you’re worried that it might not be potent enough. Keep it chilled. If left in the heat the acidophilus might not work. The best type is kept in the refrigerated section of the health food stores, not on the shelves. I read that one good brand is ‘Jarrow’ and it’s what I bought. The advice I was given was to take the acidophilus about 4 hours after my last dose of antibiotics {each day}, so that it had a chance to work during the night. Because antibiotics kills acidophilus, take it during the night so at least that way it has a chance to work for you part-time. It’s OK to take it during the day between doses of antibiotics, but the antibiotics are probably going to kill off most or all of it. True that you build up antibiotics in your system during use, but at least the acidophilus has some chance during the night when there is a lull with the antibiotics.

You can easily find out all you want to about acidophilus, in fact educating yourself is the best bet. It helps you ask your doctor questions, as you always should. But not all doctors even know about acidophilus, as strange as that sounds. My doctor didn’t. I am giving my advice here, but I’m not a doctor. But even the Mayo Clinic has an article online about acidophilus !

You never know how much you miss your health until you end up in the E.R. !