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How to avoid paying for overweight baggage?

Compared to other traveling industries, airline industry is set with very strict rules that can not be changed in any circumstances. If you are a frequent air traveler, then you absolutely know that the restriction on passenger luggage weight has been tightened also. It is a very common dilemma among travelers that paying overweight baggage has become a main cost in traveling by flight. Sometimes the overweight luggage charges itself can be the same or even few times higher than the flight ticket. The fee for overweight bags varies from airline to airline. Many times people book cheap flight tickets, hotels and eating out to lighten their burden of traveling expenses and tally all possible expenses before going on a trip. After tallying all possible expenses regarding traveling, they never want to get hit with the additional burden of paying for overweight luggage. If you really want to keep yourself away from additional charges when you arrive at the airport, then you should consider some important tips while packing your bag. Considering some important tips, one can not only cut the charges of overweight luggage but also carry more luggages with them without paying extra charges. Here are given some best and important tips for you to avoid paying for excess baggage charges.

How to avoid paying for overweight baggage?

Consider below tips to avoid paying overweight luggage fees

Weigh your empty and packed bags before you go:

It is the first and most important tip you should consider to avoid overweight luggage charges. Mostly, people purchase leather luggage for traveling. Leather luggage looks classy, but do you know that it’s heavy in weight, approximately 10lb to 20lb. So when you are packing for traveling, weigh your empty bag. If it is overweight, then unpack it and choose other bags. Before heading out the door for an airport, you should also weigh your fully-packed bag to ensure they comply with airline regulations. If they are overload, then remove some unnecessary items and shift them to different or carry-on bag and again re-weigh your baggage after the adjustment.

Invest in lightweight luggage:

Instead of purchasing heavy weight bag, purchase lighter suitcase or bag. The new generation luggage is made from lightweight material as well as it is lighter than older bags. Some standard upright suitcases with wheels come in very low weight at as little as 5lb.

Know the rules and limits:

This is the most basic of all – you must read the rules and regulations of the airline regarding luggage charges. Mostly it depends on where you are traveling – internationally or domestically or with which airline you are traveling. You can check this matter through ticking conditions or through officially website of airline on which you are traveling. There are different rules regarding size, weight and number of bags, so check it carefully. One can check the luggage limits by airline, departure airport and arrival airport through many online services.

Carry your Heavy Items:

It is the last minute action to reduce your check-in baggage. Most airlines do not put any restriction on hand luggage pack, so carry some heavy items like cameras, books and shoes in your carry-on luggage instead of your checked baggage to lighten up your hold luggage. In case, airlines have weight limits for carry-ons, then wear heavy clothing items like boots, winter jacket, and jewellery on the plane if it is possible. There are several wearable suitcases available in the market designed by professional designers. This type of bag comes with 10 to 14 pockets and can hold maximum 15 kg of luggage. Carrying more items on your carry-on bag may be hard on your shoulders, but it could be easier on your wallet.

Consider packing another bag:

Instead of packing items in one single heavy bag, consider another bag for packing items. By which you can save money as well as bring more things you require. Generally, second checked bag is charged less than overweight bag. If you are traveling with US airline, then it will charge you between $100 and $200 on overweight bag and charge $35 for the second checked bag, so it is good to save money. It is also easier on your back than carrying around one huge bag.

Get luggage that warns you if it’s overweight:

Use innovative design luggage that comes with overweight indicator. It warns you when your bag is overweight by lighting red light. It is very simple and easy way to cut down overweight baggage fees.

Upgrade your flight:

If the cost of excess baggage is almost same or higher than your ticket price, then you should upgrade your flight and travel in business class because with upgraded flight ticket, you will get higher baggage allowance, which is hopefully adequate for your luggage.

Early check in:

In case you have overweight baggage, then find alternatives while check-in like get a friend to bring back the items, get someone in the same flight to check in the item for you or ship your baggage.

Buy some items at your destination:

You can also purchase some necessary items at your destination like towels, hair dryers, etc.

Choose International Courier Service:

By selecting a professional international courier, you can also avoid overweight baggage charges. FedEx, UPS and USPS are some well-known delivery services that charge customers on the basis of size and weight of bags. You can make your trip easy by using excess baggage services for the necessary items that you cannot carry in the same flight. Moreover, it is good to reach items at your doorstep safely.

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