How to avoid wastage in the home

We all do our part each day to help prevent harming the environment. Many people nowadays have 2 or 3 bins in the home to help with recycling. Some people even have a compost bin to help with other type of food waste.

Many times we rely on cling film or aluminum foil to store excess food in our fridge. But instead why not try using plastic containers instead to store food in. Not only can you wash and recycle these containers but you also are not adding waste to the environment out there already by using aluminum foil.

When you do your weekly shopping always bring a plastic recyclable shopping bag with you when shopping instead of relying on the ones the stores supply to you. Again you are avoiding adding to the waste already out there when you end up having to bin this.

Top Tips on How Too Avoid Wastage

Look at the packaging of the products you buy. Nowadays most containers can be recycled and in fact it is an advantage for a company to have this type of packaging. You should look on the back of the product to see if they have a symbol which indicates it can be recycled.

If you are buying any food products on special offer make sure it is a product you will use at a later date. Don’t buy the product just because it’s on promotion. Not only are you wasting money by buying it, but you could at a later date end up throwing it out which means you are adding waste to the environment. Obviously some of the waste food can be given to your pet but if they don’t like it then it will only end up in the bin.

To avoid wasting food, why not see if you can make a sailors surprise. This is where you add all the left over food together and serve it with rice or pasta and create a new dish from the leftovers.

When shopping try and buy products you know people in your family will eat. While it’s nice to try new things, if you have an inkling that the product won’t go down well with the rest of the family then is it really worth wasting your money on it. Not only will you end up having to eat it all but if it’s not used by the expiration date then chances are it will end up in the bin.

Why not try buying loose fruit and vegetable instead of big bags of them. If you don’t have a lot of people in your house, then buying a bag of 8 bananas will probably result in 5 of them been thrown out. If you know you’re not going to be able to eat that much then don’t buy the bag, instead why not just buy 3 or 4 loose ones instead.

These are just a few everyday tips which can reduce the waste adding to your bin each week.