How to Back Up Firefox Browser Bookmarks to a Computer

Backing Up Browser Bookmarks

Bookmarking is extremely popular. Bookmarking is a form of social networking, but how many people actually know how to back up their Internet Explorer or Firefox bookmarks to a computer? Bookmarks that are saved on the personal bookmark tool of a person’s computer are usually more personal and important. Sharing bookmarks or URLs socially is fun and it helps promote websites, articles, music, and other links that can go viral. The personal Firefox browser bookmarks are more likely to cause serious frustration if they are lost. During computer crashes the Firefox bookmarks can be lost forever unless steps are taken to back up browser bookmarks to a computer or flash drive.

Bookmarking companies might not even seem like a stable bookmark backup system after reading the Yahoo announced that their big bookmarking website, Delicious, would be shut down as Yahoo cut some of their websites. Fortunately, the people who run Delicious said this was a premature announcement and Delicious wont close, but the damage was done the minute that the announcement hit the internet as Delicious users frantically tried to export their bookmarks from Delicious.

Back up Bookmarks – How to Back up Firefox Bookmarks

The steps to back up Firefox bookmarks is super easy. Follow these steps to back up Firefox bookmarks in just a few seconds.

  1. Open Firefox browser.
  2. Click on Bookmarks in the Firefox browser.
  3. Click on ‘Organize Firefox Bookmarks’ in the bookmark. It’s at the top of the bookmark.
  4. Look at the window that pops up. Click on the ‘Import and Backup’ tab.
  5. Click Backup. Clicking backup will create a backup of the Firefox browser’s bookmarks and save it to the computer.
  6. Name the Firefox backup bookmark file.

Why Back Up Firefox Bookmarks to a Computer?

Depending on the type of information Firefox bookmarks are used for it is important to back them up. Computer crashes (knock on wood) wipe out everything unless they are restored, but the restoration usually includes documents. By backing up the Firefox browser bookmarks you can be assured that you will always have your treasured sites safe.

Some bookmarking sites like Folkd and Delicious allow users to import browser bookmarks. If you do this then you have to create a special file. The back up file that is created by the back up explained here is a general back up that captures all of the bookmarks, but it is not in html format.

Back up your bookmarks and then back up your computer. Always use Antivirus software that enables you to use an online back up system for your important files, pictures, and data.