How to Battle UTI Using Kitchen Ingredients

I had UTI, but I’m glad it’s gone now. How did I manage to get rid of it? Let me share it with you in this article. But first, a short primer on UTI.

“UTI” stands for “urinary tract infection.” You know you have this disease when you have difficulty peeing, or when you feel like going to the bathroom but excrete very little urine. Of course, you could be wrong. So to be sure that, you need to go to your trusted doctor and have some tests.

But anyway, if you suspect that you have UTI, or if you have difficulty urinating, here are some natural remedies.

1. Drink plenty of water.
Nothing beats this technique. Drink at least 3 liters of water every day to flush out the UTI-causing bacteria and other waste products. To fast-track this process, I suggest full-blasting your air-conditioning unit so you won’t sweat easily and instead urinate more often.

2. Drink one glass of baking soda solution before going to bed.
Baking soda is a basic compound that is effective in neutralizing your system’s uric acid. To create this solution, add one teaspoon of baking soda to one glass of water. I have to warn you that the solution doesn’t taste good. It can make you barf, but prevent this from happening by applying mind-over-matter techniques. I applied this technique before going to bed, and it has a fast effect.

3. Drink cranberry juice.
If you don’t like the baking soda solution, go to your fridge and drink at least one gallon of cranberry juice. The only difference between this method and the one above is that cranberry juice can be expensive. There are some brands that combine cranberry and other fruit juices, so make sure that you drink only cranberry. Or better yet, eat cranberries. Based on what I read, drinking cranberry juice works after 8 hours. But in my experience, it doesn’t take that long.

Just a warning, though. Be prepared for loose bowel movement when you drink plenty of cranberry juice, as this is the normal side effect.

Here’s a good brand of cranberry juice that I recommend.